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Heiress gets three years probation 芭黎絲酒駕 緩刑三年

Paris Hilton drinks a tin of a sparkling wine product at it's launch in Munich, Sep. 25, 2006.
去年9月25日,芭黎絲•希爾頓在慕尼黑一款氣泡酒產品發表會中飲用一罐氣泡酒。 (照片:歐新社)


Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton has been fined US$390 (NT$12,808) and placed on three years probation after pleading no contest to driving under the influence.

The 25-year-old was not present for the hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court in which her lawyers entered a no contest plea to charges arising from her arrest in Hollywood last September.

Hilton's publicist Elliot Mintz confirmed that his client had been fined US$390 and ordered to attend a 12-hour driver education program.

"I spoke to her an hour ago and told her what would happen and she accepted it," Mintz said. "She has no formal statement to make other than to say that she's very happy that the matter is now behind her."

Hilton was given the option of reducing her probation to 24 months instead of three years if she attended a 40-hour community service program.

But Mintz said there would be no chance of the young hotel empire heiress following in the footsteps of celebrities such as Boy George, who performed community service in New York after a drugs conviction.

"She will not be doing community service," Mintz said. "She will do the 36 months probation."

Hilton was arrested in Hollywood on Sep. 7, 2006 after police spotted her driving her Mercedes SLR "erratically."

She failed a roadside sobriety test but later insisted she had enjoyed just "one margarita" and had not eaten during a day promoting her new album and attending parties before stopping off in a nightclub.  (AFP)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. socialite n.

社交名流 (she3 jiao1 ming2 liu2)

例: Although Heather had achieved almost nothing of note in her life, she enjoyed the spoils of fame as a socialite.


2. probation n.

緩刑 (huan3 xing2)

例: The judge ordered that the defendant be put on probation.


3. community service n.

社區服務 (she4 qu1 fu2 wu4)

例: Community service is an alternative to imprisonment.


4. sobriety n.

清醒 (qing1 xing3)

例: Her sobriety was questionable.








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