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Some pink may calm you down 粉紅色讓人平靜

Studies indicate that pink colored surroundings may help calm people down.
多項研究顯示,粉紅色的環境或許可以讓人平靜。 (照片:美聯社)


Inmates who set fire last month to a jail in the US state of Missouri, located in the central part of the US, are in for a big surprise when they return to the refurbished facility: authorities have painted it pink.

Dallas County Sheriff Mike Rackley said that he hopes the new color scheme — which he described as "Pepto-Bismol Pink"— will have a calming effect on the inmates. All of their cells will also feature blue teddy bears painted on the walls.

"There were several studies done by some universities and they have determined that pink is a soothing color," Rackley said. "It is our hope that it will have the same effect on the inmates."

He said that so far eight inmates have been returned to the facility, located in a rural region, and their only reaction was: "Now that is pink."

Rackley said a total of 34 inmates, ranging from murderers to rapists to drug addicts and traffic violators, will be housed at the jail once the renovation has been completely finished.

"I'm not necessarily a fan of the color pink, but we'll utilize anything that has been shown to work," he said. "We are a day care for adults and basically; they are unable to curb their behavior in public so we have to house them here to curb their behavior. I'm sure the pink color will have a calming effect on them." (AFP)


達拉斯郡警長邁可.雷克利表示,他希望自己形容為「粉紅良藥」的新顏色策略有安撫受刑人的功效。所有囚室牆壁也會漆上藍色泰迪熊。(註︰Pepto-Bismol 是美國暢銷的腸胃藥品牌,藥品與包裝均為粉紅色。)




「我並非粉紅色迷,不過我會利用任何有效的東西,」他說︰「我們是成年人的養護機構,基本上他們無法約束自己在公領域的行為,所以我們必須在這裡安置他們,以約束他們的行為。我相信粉紅色有讓他們平靜的功效。」 (美聯社/翻譯:賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. inmate n.

受刑人 (shou4 xing2 ren2)

例: The inmates do not like the cafeteria food very much.


2. determine   v.t.

裁定 (cai2 ding4),斷定 (duan4 ding4)

例: I drank both kinds of tea and determined that Oolong tea is better.


3. soothing adj.

撫慰人心的 (fu3 wei4 ren2 xin1 de5)

例: I find classical music to be very soothing.


4. utilize v.t.

利用 (li4 yong4)

例: We will utilize all the tools in our toolbox to fix this door.


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