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Fish on a diet 減肥中的魚

A diver gets a close look at Georgie, an overweight grey nurse shark at the Melbourne Aquarium.


Has any one ever teased you for being a little bit overweight? Has anyone ever told you that you should eat less food? If so, you probably know how hard it is to lose weight.

The shark in this picture understands that problem. Her name is Georgie. She is eight years old and she has a weight problem. Georgie weighs at least 185kg.

Sharks are just like humans. Being overweight is not healthy for them. The people at the aquarium where Georgie lives want her to be healthy and happy, so they have put her on a diet. They are feeding her fewer fish every day to help her lose some weight.

Georgie doesn’t agree with the people who put her on the diet. She wants to keep eating just as much as before! Just like humans might sneak into the refrigerator at night, Georgie sneaks extra fish at night.

Georgie doesn’t have to look in the refrigerator. She just eats the fish that she lives with at night when no one’s looking. Poor fish! It must be scary to live with a shark on a diet.

(Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)








1.tease v.i./v.t.

取笑(qu3 xiao4),戲弄(xi4 nong4)

Ex: Kim teased Jake so much about his glasses that he cried.金恩猛嘲笑傑克的眼鏡,所以他哭了.

2.overweight adj.

過胖的(quo4 pang4 de5)

Ex: Our cat is overweight because it never gets any exercise.我們的貓咪因為從不運動,所以過胖.

3.sneak v.i./v.t.


Ex: After my parents went to bed, Lisa snuck into the living room to play video games.我父母就寢後,麗莎偷溜到客廳來打電動玩具.

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