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Special delivery 特殊外送服務

A delivery truck drives through the front entrance of pop star Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch. 一部外送卡車行經流行天王麥可傑克森的「夢幻園」正門


Owners of the Indie Spice restaurant in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have made what would otherwise be a normal delivery from their kitchen, except for one thing: it was delivered all the way to New York.

The order was blast-chilled before leaving and packed in dry ice so that it only needed to be heated through on arrival across the Atlantic.

Half of the food arrived from the restaurant’s Dublin branch by private jet, where the rest of the order was picked up and flown to London.

From London, the food, which was accompanied by one of the owners of the restaurant and the other owner’s wife, boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight to New York. It was met there by a special car that took them to a private party in Manhattan.

The food was stored in a special container that was checked in as regular baggage, and all the airlines involved have been informed of the arrangements.

Including all the transportation costs, the meal cost Steve Francis, a New York dance music producer, more than US$15,000 (NT$494,000).

“We were very happy to make him the meal and hope that he had a night to remember,” said the restaurant’s owners.

Francis, who heads the Stush Music record company, was holding a private dinner for a young soul singer, called Heather Park, who is apparently a big fan of Indian food, his caterers said.(AFP)






包括一切運輸費用在內,這頓美食至少花了紐約舞曲製作人史帝夫?法蘭西斯一萬五千美元(新台幣四十九萬四千元 )。


1. accompany v.t.

陪同 (pei2 tong2),附有 (fu4 you3)

例: Jessie didn’t realize that the pork and vegetables would be accompanied by a whole bowl of rice.


2. board v.i. /v.t.

上船、車、飛機... (shang4 chuan2, che1, fei1 ji1 ...)例: They usually ask older people or people with small children to board the plane before anyone else.


3. arrangement n.

安排 (an1 pai2)

例: I’m not sure where or when we’re meeting. I will have to call Mark to find out the exact arrangements.


4. transportation n.

運輸 (yun4 shu1);運輸工具 (yun4 shu1 gong1 ju4)例: The bus or the MRT are my usual forms of transportation.



宴會籌備人員表示,Stush Music唱片公司負責人法蘭西斯越洋叫外賣,是為了幫酷愛印度菜的年輕靈魂歌手海瑟?帕克舉辦私人晚宴。(法新社/翻譯:林倩如)

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