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Hog heaven in peril

A former butcher and pig farmer has dedicated the past 10 years to saving pigs and other animals, but his sanctuary and petting zoo is facing hard times due to the government’s new pig policy in the wake of the African swine fever crisis

By Han Cheung  /  Staff reporter

Once, he and his wife drove all night to Chiayi and back just to rescue a pig. They also have a uncanny knack for encountering stray animals while driving around.

“Once a duck just appeared in front of the car one day. What happens if we don’t save it? For most of the world’s population, a duck is nothing but food,” Lo says.

His favorite story, however, is when he was driving to pay his electricity bill and a white pig had just jumped off a truck and landed in front of his car. They were just a few hundred meters from the slaughterhouse.

“It was trembling so badly. I jumped out and hid the pig until the truck was out of sight. It was not meant to die,” he says.

The best part about saving animals, Lo says, is that he feels their gratitude.

“They can’t give me gifts, but they show me their appreciation through nuzzling up to me and other warm actions, and they also listen to me when I call them,” he says. “This is more valuable than anything else, along with sharing our experiences and expertise with visitors.”

Luo hopes to figure something out with the feed situation soon. The government only provides subsidies for food pellets, which he says is not good for the pigs in the long run, or incentives for pig farmers to cease their operations. As a sanctuary, that’s not an option.

“We’re stuck in a pretty hard place now,” he says.

For more information, visit豬天堂有機護生農場-140823883307481 (Chinese only).

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