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Live Wire: Let’s get hammered!

By Joe Henley  /  Contributing reporter

Hammerhed will co-headline Raw Noise Attack VI at Pipe Live House tomorrow night.

Photo courtesy of Hammerhed

Ten years of banging your head against the same wall, stumbling over the same old hurdles. That was the situation facing Finnish groove metal band Hammerhed as they were trying to make their mark over the past decade in their native land. Though Finland has long been known for having one of the strongest metal scenes in all of Europe, the glut of local bands and international acts has led to some infighting, backbiting and jadedness.

Hammerhed frontman Janne “Pena” Penttinen, a 20-year veteran of the Finnish metal scene, is among those who wish they could turn back the clock.

“When you constantly have everything, nothing is cool no more and people become too high on themselves and stop supporting the fellow metal head. You should have seen it in the late nineties, early 2000s. Totally different thing,” he tells the Taipei Times.

So what do you do when your own scene starts to implode? Well, you either let the bitterness consume you and turn into one among the moaning masses, or you start looking for ways to break out on your own. Hammerhed chose the latter, and last year set their sights on the Asian market, setting up a D.I.Y. mini-tour of Taiwan in April. They must have enjoyed themselves, because just a year later the band is back in Asia, this time hitting Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines in addition to playing Greater Tainan and Taipei for the second time. Coming over to Taiwan has become something of a rejuvenating experience for Hammerhed, says Penttinen.

“Taiwan’s heavy metal scene is unspoiled. There’s lots of good, honest enthusiasm and do-it-yourself atmosphere. Finland has peaked when it comes to metal,” Penttinen says.

This time around, Hammerhed will play Raw Noise Attack VI (第六屆猛烈爆音攻擊極端音樂會), a one-day festival in Taipei tomorrow night that includes five other bands — four from Taiwan and thrashers Terror Squad from Tokyo.

Raw Noise Attack was founded in 2008 by metal scene stalwarts Vic Chao (趙凡暐), and bassist/guitarist Po-wei Liao (廖伯威), both members of blackened thrash-punk band Bazooka. Raw Noise Attack began as a small gathering of local bands, but has expanded to bring in international heavyweights such as Birmingham, England grindcore progenitors Napalm Death. Chao hopes that the fest will help to push the Taiwanese scene away from global metal fads.

“Many years ago it was nu-metal, and now it’s metalcore,” Chao explains. “We are sick and tired of it. And it is a shame that most of the Taiwanese bands have this kind of awful taste. The desire of building up a scene and to rehabilitate and excite people’s taste and sense pushes us to do it. To construct a fest that is truly metal and cult.”

■ Hammerhed plays with Terror Squad, Revilement, No Order (無秩序), Bazooka and Stench of Lust tomorrow night at 7pm at Pipe Live House, 1 Siyuan Street, Taipei City (台北市思源街一號). Admission is NT$750 at the door or NT$600 in advance via Liberated Rhythms (解放之聲), 606-6, Guangfu S Rd, Taipei City (台北市光復南路606號之6).

The heaviness continues with a rare Monday show courtesy of Swiss folk/melodic death metal band Eluveitie, which will be making its first appearance in Taiwan. The band combines the blistering speed and melody of the early Gothenburg death metal sound first brought to prominence by bands such as At The Gates with the traditional folk stylings of western Europe.

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