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Dinosaur “Sr”?

By Alita Rickards  /  Contributing reporter

Funny or Die came up with the concept of Dino’s newest video for Watch the Corners starring Tim Heidecker of Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show as a distraught dad who can’t handle his teenage daughter’s romance with a stock boy.

“Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has a cameo in the music video and is also on the bill for the show in Taipei. Sonic Youth toured with Dinosaur Jr in the mid-80s and over the years Moore and Kim Gordon have became tight with the Mascis family, even relocating to their neighborhood: “Thurston and Kim moved from New York to North Hampton,” Murph said. “Their 17-year-old daughter is in a band, created a new noise scene there.” (Their daughter Coco Gordon Moore is the frontwoman for punk band Big Nils).

The fact that Dino’s members are more family-oriented or that the new album is a bit mellow compared to earlier releases doesn’t mean they’ve fallen into the realm of Dinosaur Sr just yet, and Don’t Look Back Vol. 1 should be a killer show with all three bands bringing that 90s alternative feeling and noise ethos to a head.

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