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Live Wire: Detente in Shida

By David Frazier  /  Contributing reporter

“I’m probably what Son House would have sounded like if he grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Sabbath,” says Conqueroo.

“I remember the first time I saw Bob Log III years ago in New Orleans and being blown away that this one guy was able to make that much sound and project so much energy all on his own,” he continues. “When I saw him again back in 2008, I knew I had to do this. Watching old footage of John Lee Hooker playing guitar, singing and using his shoes as percussion really made a strong impression on me as well. Stylistically, I hope I’m somewhere between the two.”

One-man blues bands are something of a Vaudevillian throwback, so in case you’re wondering, here is how Conqueroo describes his stage show. “My set-up hasn’t changed much over the years,” he says. “I still play an old crappy hollow body [guitar]. I use a harp rack to keep my hands free for guitar. My right foot stomps on a beaten up guitar case (with a mic inside) while my left foot stomps on the tambourine. I used to play with a tambourine Velcro’d to my shoe but after almost killing myself a few times I decided to mount one to my guitar case instead. Whiskey and tethered foot tambourines don’t mix.”

Tomorrow at 10pm at Revolver, 1-2, Roosevelt Rd, Sec. 1, Taipei (台北市羅斯福路一段1之2號) with Blind Acid Date and 88 Balaz (8十八顆芭樂籽). Admission: NT$300, includes one drink.

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