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The Vinyl Word

By Marcus Aurelius  /  Contributing Reporter

Bonestorm melts crowds with his forward-thinking approach to music.

Photo courtesy of Rob Jabazz

After a lull during the Lunar New Year break, the country’s nightlife is coming back to life. Bonestorm (also known by his birth name Rob Jabazz) hopes to take advantage of the crowds by pulling double duty at Revolver this weekend.

For the past four months, Bonestorm has been co-hosting Melt, a biweekly Wednesday night party at Revolver that focuses on trendsetting music.

“I just feel like there must be other people out there who are dissatisfied with the music situation in the city,” Bonestorm said in a Facebook chat interview. “We decided to start a simple DJ night and hope those folks come through. So far, I’m happy about it. We have reliable people that show up consistently.”

A few weeks back, the Bounce Girlz came to a Melt night and asked Bonestorm if he and his partners wanted to cooperate on a Friday night party. “I thought it would be cool, since we’re both basically trying to do the same thing,” Bonestorm said.

The result is Loud and in the Dark, which promises “the freshest music for people that are sick of electro-hop and brostep,” a subgenre of dubstep that emphasizes the chainsaw sounds in the breakdowns instead of the pounding bass. Bonestorm, who started off as a dubstep DJ, has now expanded his repertoire to include rap, grime, Chicago juke, and even straight techno.

“I have ADD [attention deficit disorder] when it comes to music these days. I used to be seriously into dubstep for three years, but I don’t like the direction it’s gone,” he said. “Contemporary dubstep is all about female vocal samples and shimmering production. It feels like trance to me. Sort of corny like a Nicolas Cage movie or something.”

Melt and UnderU present Loud and in the Dark tonight from 11pm to 5am at Revolver, 1-2, Roosevelt Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市羅斯福路一段1-2號). On the Net: Admission is NT$250, which includes a drink.

Bonestorm is a man who wears several hats. Besides deejaying and producing music, he is also a graffiti artist, graphic designer and music video director. Tomorrow night at the video game-themed art exhibition and party Now You’re Playing With Power, he’ll be hawking some of his art works.

“Like I mentioned, I have ADD. Luckily, I have enough of an attention span to complete some of the things I start,” he said.

Bulletproof Toast presents Now You’re Playing With Power tomorrow night from 11pm to 5am at Revolver. Admission is NT$300, which includes a drink.

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