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More than meets the ear

Video artist Danny Perez and New York-based art-noise duo I.U.D. have teamed up to produce a risque and genre-bending show for this year’s Urban Nomad Film Festival party

By Steve Price  /  Staff Reporter

Lizzi Bougatsos

Photo Courtesy of Urban Nomad

The lineup for this year’s edition of Urban Nomad Film Festival’s annual party, which starts tomorrow at 9pm, reflects the event’s growing stature as the country’s most prominent indie cinema showcase.

Headlining the Video Mindfuck Party are video artist Danny Perez, whose Oddsac, a “visual album” he created with experimental rock band Animal Collective, opened the festival yesterday, and Brooklyn-based art-noise band I.U.D., composed of Lizzi Bougatsos, lead singer and founding member of Gang Gang Dance, and Sadie Laska of Growing.

This is their first collaborative project, and the resulting performance, titled Blunt Force Trauma, straddles the boundaries that separate music concert, art installation and theater.

The evening begins with electronica/rock group Unfamiliar Friends Party (不熟的朋友派對), followed by 45 minutes of short films.

After Blunt Force Trauma at 10:45pm, expat funk rock band Point 22 (.22) performs at 11:45pm, and then DJs take over, including a set by Perez.

In an interview on Saturday at Taipei Artist Village, I.U.D. and Perez explained how the project came about, why they are dedicated to breaking boundaries and what’s wrong with mediocrity.

Taipei Times: How did you hook up?

Sadie Laska: We’ve known Danny for a long time. He worked for Black Dice, and my boyfriend’s in Black Dice. When we made our record The Proper Sex he was a big supporter of it. We started talking a couple of years ago about making a video together, or doing something like this together. So when he got the invitation to come here, he was like, “We should do it.”

TT: Oddsac is described as a “visual album,” with the visual element and the music made simultaneously. Did you work in a similar way?

Party Notes

What: Video Mindfuck Party

When: Tomorrow, doors open at 8:30pm, starts at 9pm

Where: Warehouse 2 East A (2棟A), Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山創意園區), 1, Bade Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市八德路一段1號)

Admission: NT$500 at the door

On the Net: and

Lizzi Bougatsos: Yeah. We bounced images back and forth. It was a dialogue of imagery and sound that created the concept of what we’re going to do together. I almost see it as like us being characters in a film that Danny’s making, but it’ll be live.

Laska: He sent me some sound clips and then I processed those and put them on a sampler that he’s gonna play, we’re gonna plug him in. He’s gonna play with us. Because our music has a lot of loops and samples, so the visuals are like one more part of that. It isn’t just I.U.D. with visuals behind it.

TT: This is the first time you’ve done this show. What can the audience expect?

Laska: We have some masks that Danny made for us to wear. We have some props. We have contact mics, which we haven’t used before. This whole thing is an experiment. And it’s live.

Bougatsos: It’s like improv.

TT: What other elements of the performance are there?

Bougatsos: We’ve got two drum kits. We have some stage setting, and we have a fire pit. And chains. And the contact mics, so that our actions will be connected to the sounds. So that’s another way the visuals will be connecting with our sound.

Laska: We were working on having a paper screen, on which to project the visuals, and then rip it open. A lot of this is gonna happen when we set up. We have these elements, and bags full of tricks, and we’ll put it together depending on the space. Danny’s gonna have five projectors. So he’s gonna have his own element while we’re playing. It’s as much a part of it as the music. There’s gonna be moments where that’s the focal point, and we’ll be coming in and out.

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