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By Ian Bartholomew  /  Staff Reporter

Last Night

Last Night

A sexual thriller from the hand of first-time director Massy Tadjedin that has garnered praise for providing intellectual stimulation as well as eye candy. There is certainly plenty of the latter with leading actors Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, who play a well-off couple. They each in their own way become involved with another person, though the exact nature of those relationships is kept tightly under wraps. Knightley’s character meets a former lover (Guillaume Canet) who harbors hopes of getting things started again, while her husband is off on a business trip with a new and very sexy colleague (Eva Mendes). The characters are well aware of the price they might have to pay for screwing around, but rationality does not always trump lust.

Art and Music Film Festival (舞樂祭影展)

A mini film festival put together by distributor Cineplex (聯影電影股份有限公司) that focuses on cinematic treatments of theatrical arts. The three films, which will screen from today until March 3 at the recently refurbished Blossom Cinema (梅花數位影院), encompass ballet, opera and acrobatic theater. The program comprises the French film Snow White (Blanche Neige, 2009), featuring choreography from Angelin Preliocaj and costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier with the music of Gustav Mahler, British director Kenneth Branagh’s reworking of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, relocated to the killing fields of France during World War I, and Zingaro Revisited, a film about the Zingaro Equestrian Theatre, a company based close to Paris that is known for combining classic dressage with circus tricks. Screening times can be found at

Slovenian Girl

This German/Slovenian coproduction from the assured hand of director Damjan Kozole tells the story of small-town girl Alexandra who uses prostitution as a shortcut to the good life after moving to the big smoke. She takes to her new life like a fish to water, and she has a clear vision of where she wants to be and how far — and it’s quite far — she’s prepared to go to get there. Kozole excels on the details, and does an outstanding job of building up the world of lies, dissimulation and lurking violence that is the meat and potatoes of a call girl’s life in the lawless economies of a liberated Eastern Europe.


This Argentinean movie by noted Latin American director Pablo Trapero might make you think twice before taking to the road. It’s point of departure is the frightening statistic of Argentina’s 8,000 deaths each year from traffic accidents. Carancho is a Spanish term that refers to an ambulance-chasing lawyer, in this case played by Ricardo Darin, regarded as the George Clooney of Argentine cinema. He becomes involved with a hot paramedic who fights on the front line of the country’s traffic hell. There are moments of realism in the emergency room and at the site of accidents that work well, as Trapero successfully conveys a sense of chaos and mayhem, but unfortunately the chaos leaks into the storytelling, which only works in fits and starts.

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