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By Catherine Shu  /  STAFF REPORTER


Those keeping abreast of the battle raging between busty sex kittens Shushu (舒舒) and Yaoyao (瑤瑤) will want to note one point for Shushu after her triumphant appearance in a regal

evening dress made entirely out of condoms.

As readers of Pop Stop may recall, Shushu, whose real name is Tseng Ya-ling (曾雅鈴), recently ticked off media watchdogs and feminists when she appeared in television ads wearing a low cut top while operating a jackhammer. At the same time, another commercial aired featuring Yaoyao, real name Kuo Shu-yao (郭書瑤), enjoying a rigorous workout without the benefits of a properly fitted sports bra. Perhaps jealous of the attention her rival’s ad was receiving, Yaoyao had her agent announce that Shushu was merely copying her.

All eyes were on Shushu last weekend, however, as she strutted around at a wedding dress show in the somewhat uncomfortable looking dress, which was made out of hundreds of condoms in their wrappers. Not to be outdone, Yaoyao appeared in public wearing a cleavage revealing top and trousers that “left nothing to the imagination,” but unfortunately, at least for what was left of Yaoyao’s dignity, Shushu succeeded in knocking her off the gossip pages.

One of the wedding dress show’s organizers let slip that they had originally wanted to hire Yaoyao for the event, but changed their minds because she was difficult to work with and instead hired Shushu “because she has similar style.” That is no doubt a slap in the face for both women, who, despite their similar hairstyles, figures, nicknames and career paths, continue to insist that they are two totally unique individuals who aren’t weirdly obsessed with one another.

Unlike the booby twins, Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯) has been running away from the press, which is obsessed with the custody battle that is raging between the actress and her estranged husband Sun Chihhao (孫志浩). Chia managed to give a crowd of waiting crowd photogs the slip at Taoyuan International Airport on Monday before boarding a flight to the US, where her young daughter is currently living with Sun.

Chia’s lawyer recently issued a statement begging the paparazzi to leave her alone, but she is partly to blame for the brouhaha. Chia tearfully announced at a press conference two weeks ago that she had not seen her child in four months.

Reports say Sun is determined to keep the little girl in the US with him and has applied for an American passport for the tot. Sun’s uncle, however, issued a statement accusing Chia of being a negligent mom. “She knows very well where her daughter is,” Liu Chengchung (劉正中) said. “All she has to do is go back to her family.”

Chia might want to get some points from fellow actress Annie Yi (伊能靜), who is fresh off her newly granted divorce from Harlem Yu (庾澄慶). Yi appeared on Hong Kong talk show Be My Guest (志雲飯局) to refute rumors that she’d given up shared custody of their young son in exchange for a hefty settlement of real estate.

Yi also insisted that her alleged affair with Victor Huang (黃維德) did not break up her nine-year marriage, even though the two sparked a media frenzy last November when they were photographed holding hands in Beijing. The marriage just ran its course, said Yi, adding that Yu was “the love of a lifetime and he can’t be replaced.” Maybe things look rosier in hindsight. The couple’s marriage was constantly plagued with rumors of marital discord, many of which centered on Yi’s beef with her in-laws.

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