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By Ian Bartholomew  /  STAFF REPORTER


The biggest news this week is the imminent breakup of the nine-year marriage between Harlem Yu (庾澄慶) and Annie Yi (伊能靜). This has been building for some time after Yi was caught on camera in China holding hands with Victor Huang (黃維德) in November last year. It may simply have been the last straw to something bigger behind the scenes, judging from leaks about married life in the Yu household that emerged this week. After the couple spent a strained Lunar New Year holiday in Hokkaido, Yi has stated that the relationship is beyond saving, and all that remains is to complete the paperwork. Yu has neither confirmed nor denied this, refusing to discuss the affair with the media.

The couple have kept relatively quiet since November when the incident with Huang emerged, but now with things coming to a head the rumor mill is working overtime. Yi is reported, in the Apple Daily, to have told friends that she was “never accepted into the Yu household,” and that her relationship with Yu’s mother and sisters had always been difficult. She is reported to have said that Yu, as a filial son, had always taken his mother’s side in arguments. To add insult to injury, Huang has scooted off to China to finish work on the TV series Three Kingdoms (三國), and has been widely reported to have patched things up with his former girlfriend Hsiao Lu (小陸).

To get to the nub of the issue, Apple Daily interviewed fortune-teller Lin Chen-yi (林真邑), who has revealed that Yi is unlikely to have much luck either in love or work this year. Her advice: the outlook improves toward the end of 2011.

Shu Qi’s (舒淇) romantic prospects also look far from rosy, and she too has sought mystical assistance. Last week she went to visit the White Dragon King (白龍王), a spiritual adviser, in Thailand. (Internet rumor has it that the WDK was an electrician or possibly a bicycle repairman before discovering that he was actually a reincarnation of a dragon king.)

Unfortunately, the WDK was too busy fending off the massive crowds of fans and didn’t have time for Shu’s romantic difficulties, and the Apple Daily reported that the sage simply ignored her, which left her despondent. Perhaps he felt he had already given all the advice he had to give. On a previous visit, Apple Daily reported that he had advised Shu to take things as they come and not try and rush romance. But she has been unwilling to wait, and since breaking up with actor Leon Lai (黎明) four years ago, has been romantically involved, according to gossip rags, with numerous men, including singer Wang Lee-hom (王力宏) and actor Chang Chen (張震), but to no great effect.

It would seem that former boyfriend Lai has also paid heavily for ignoring the WDK’s advice. Six years ago, together with Tony Leung Chiu-wai (梁朝偉) and Andy Lau (劉德華), he became a disciple of the WDK, who warned him about getting involved with women. At this time his relationship with Shu was already the stuff of heavy speculation. The Apple Daily suggests that his refusal to drop Shu on the advice of the WDK may be the reason why his career failed to reach the same exalted heights of stardom as that of this two friends. Pop Stop wonders if the WDK is paying the Hong Kong-based publishing group a retainer for such testimonials. Unfortunately, even though he has now broken with Shu, it is unlikely that even his most recent role in the massive two-part biopic of opera singer Mei Lanfang (梅蘭芳) will boost his career. Ignore dragons at your peril.

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