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Surfers in a knot over the environment

Surfing's dirty environmental secret is out: enthusiasts of the sport that supposedly goes hand in hand with nature use taxic boards

By Leo Hickman  /  THE GUARDIAN , LONDON

Reflecting this urge, in recent years there has been a demand at some popular destinations to build artificial reefs to improve the surf, thereby increasing visitor numbers and possibly reducing the desire to travel long distances. Next summer the first artificial reef in Europe is set to “open” off Bournemouth, England, (a similar scheme for Newquay was seen off by objections from local boat users), but some environmentalists oppose such developments on the principled ground that any artificial coastal modification (usually formed from carefully positioned giant sandbags or granite boulders) should be avoided when the long-term impact on sea life and coastal erosion cannot be predicted.

But some are evidently thinking, why even bother with the sea? Next year the world’s first Surfpark opens in — where else? — Orlando, Florida. It will offer an artificial surf pool that can generate waves between 1m and 2.5m high, allowing 100m-long rides.

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