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Patty Hou is Momoko Tao's new best friend. For now ...


This week's biggest headline was news of DJ Chozie and Hong Kong star Duncan Chou being arrested on suspicion of possible drug use and being taken to the police station for urine tests last Saturday. The police had busted a group of foreign English teachers in a private residence for drugs. According to the Liberty Times, Chozie admitted to the police that he did take an illegal substance last week, but in China, not in Taiwan. He said he and Duncan went to the house that was raided purely to get some albums back from the owner -- and stayed just 10 minutes. It is not the first time Chozie has got himself into drug problems, however, as two years ago he and his ex-girlfriend Momoko Tao (陶子) were accused of having a weed party in Kaohsiung.

Meanwhile, its out with the old, plain-looking writer Wang Wen-hua (王文華) and in with the new, sweetheart Patty Hou (侯佩岑), as Momoko Tao's fresh-faced partner in the entertainment show Peach Protein (桃色蛋白質). In an effort to prove that she is not a bully who bosses around every co-host (as she did with wimpy Wang), Tao was keen to show how pally she can be by hugging and kissing the unfortunate Hou.

Goddess of seduction Shu Qi (舒淇) has proven herself to be a money magnet after her debut in a TV soap opera production helped producers sell the series to a Beijing TV station for a record-breaking NT$100 million. The station believes her international stardom and sultry appeal will rake in more profits.

Proving it's not always looks that ring up the dollar signs Jackie Chan (成龍) has successfully branched out in to real estate. According to the Apple Daily, the mega star sold a villa in Hong Kong earlier this year for NT$100 million. A few months later, he got rid of his mansion in Beverly Hill for NT$210 million, NT$130 million more than the original price he paid.

Rebel with a new cause, Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) has outdone himself again, this time waging war against Hong Kong Disney World, which is set to open on Sept. 12. Hong Kong actor/singer Wu made a public statement on the official Web site of his band Alive last week, saying all the band members regretted volunteering to star in a promotional film for the theme park, because, "the staff [especially those from the US [didn't give us proper respect. They were critical of our production team ... And I have decided to boycott Disney World forever." The star conti-nued to warn his fans, "If you go there, beware of those pale-skinned staff. They will talk to you as if you are a fool."

A Hong Kong Disney World spokesperson said the ill will sprang from an unfortunate misunderstanding. But some entertainment observers believe many of Wu's fans will join the boycott and his actions could possibly spark a new wave of anti-pale-skin sentiment.

After declaring "her heart has temporarily shut down for love," one-and-a-half-months ago, Mando-pop singer Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) has reportedly opened up again with a new lover on the scene, 23-year-old professional basketball player James Mao. Young, good looking, sporty, and an ABC (America-born-Chinese) Mao apparently ticked all the right boxes on the star's boyfriend application form.

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