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West-central Tainan


Chinganah park offers an underground parking lot and above ground is a pleasant spot where old men play Chinese chess.

1 Armory Pub

A favorite of Tainan's expat community and locals alike, the Armory Pub -- so-named because it stands on what used to be part of a large army base -- occupies a two-story building with a small garden out front. Drinking and conversation are the main activities here. There's no space to dance, but food is served.

82 Gongyuan South Rd.

Tel: (06) 226-5800

2 Sanlaoyeh Temple

By Tainan standards this temple is neither large nor especially popular, but the morning market which stretches between it and Chenggung Road fills several narrow lanes and attracts droves of shoppers. Goods for sale range from fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, traditional snacks and confectionery to cheap clothes and household items. Look for the archway bearing the temple's name on Chenggung Road.

3 Rainbow Japanese Restaurant

Suitable for individuals and groups, this large, clean and perennially popular restaurant offers fine Taiwanese-Japanese cuisine. Set meals cost between NT$70 and NT$150; the more you pay, the more you get. For those who don't like sashimi, the pork steaks in breadcrumbs are a good bet.

249 Chenggung Rd. Tel: (06) 226-3162

4 Wei's Carving Workshop

Located at the mouth of "fortune-tellers lane" and a stone's throw from the War God Temple, the shopowner surnamed Wei -- a third-generation artisan -- and his craftsmen sand and lacquer works as visitors come and go. In addition to the usual wooden figurines of Buddha, Kuanyin and various Chinese deities, the workshop has on display bronze busts of Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan.

223 Yungfu Rd. Sec. 2 Tel: (06) 211-3929

5 Shanghai Huadu Delicacies

The service here may be somewhat surly and the atmosphere uninspiring, but the food -- Taiwanese, Cantonese and Shanghai cuisine -- is consistently excellent and reasonably priced. The food is best enjoyed if your group numbers four or more.

28 Minchuan Rd. Sec. 2

Tel: (06) 221-6268

6 Soun-tao-fon Antiques Store

Many visitors to Tainan are surprised that, for a city with so much history and so many relics, there are relatively few antique dealers. This store is small, but chock-full of Buddha figurines, carved wooden panels and other curios. The proprietor, Wei Kai-jen, has done research at the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

86 Jungyi Rd. Sec. 2 Tel: (06) 221-6338

7 Karumba

An African-themed bar in a conveniently central location. Drinks here are reasonably priced and the staff are friendly. A good bet when the Armory Pub is overflowing onto the sidewalks. Open from 8pm to 3am.

98 Minsheng Rd. Sec. 1

Tel: (06) 223-5933

8 Tainan Shimen Retail Market

An arcade given over to more than 50 tailors, seamstresses and fabric shops. Some of the shops specialize in wedding gowns, others in business suits, work uniforms or bedding. This rapidly disappearing market (many sections are no longer occupied) shows how people got their clothing in decades past. Main entrance on the corner of Shimen Road Section 2 and Jenghsing Street.

9 Salico

Stocking a very wide, if somewhat expensive, range of Japanese candies, imported chocolates, dried meats, and dried seafood, as well as countless varieties of peanuts, this is a great store to visit if you have the munchies and feel like eating something you've never tried before.

108 Shimen Rd. Sec. 2 Tel: (06) 226-8022

10 Land Bank of Taiwan

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