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LETTERS: It's not rocket science

In your paper on Nov.17th, we read: "The KMT legislative caucus condemned the CEC [Central Election Commission] decision. Caucus whip Tseng Yung-chuan (曾永權) said the caucus would sue CEC members who voted for the one-step voting process, charging them with malfeasance" and that "the one-step process would force voters to reveal their political stance by declaring whether they would accept a referendum ballot" ("Jan. 12," page 3).

It is really hard to accept the reaction of the KMT caucus. I have the impression that the KMT doesn't live in a modern society and doesn't want to understand the simplest things:

In countries where referendum is already a full democratic practice, it's quite normal to use the one-step voting process.

On election day the government has the obligation to give ballots to every voter who shows up to vote. If some KMT members do not want to vote on a referendum or in another election, just don't vote.

Taking the referendum ballots together with the legislative ballot does not mean that you are going to answer "Yes." You can also answer "No," or even cut your ballot in 15 pieces and then put it in the box.

There will be some personnel at polling stations on Jan. 12 to explain to voters how to cast their ballots. People need only pay a little attention and not be impatient. The election process is made for people, not for cows. Just trust it, don't kill it.

Steve Tso


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