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Maduro comments on secret US meetings in interview


Amid the mounting pressure at home and abroad, Maduro said he would not give up power as a way to defuse the standoff.

Boxes of US-supplied humanitarian aid sitting in a warehouse on the border in Colombia are mere “crumbs” compared with the US’ freezing of billions of US dollars in the nation’s oil revenue and overseas assets, he added.

“They hang us, steal our money and then say ‘here, grab these crumbs’ and make a global show out of it,” Maduro said. “With dignity we say ‘No to the global show.’ Whoever wants to help Venezuela is welcome, but we have enough capacity to pay for everything that we need.”

He said he sees his place in history alongside other Latin American leftists, from former Chilean president Salvador Allende to former Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz.

Both were targets of US-backed coups.

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