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Journalist gets three years

A court yesterday sentenced a journalist from opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet to three years in prison on a charge of spreading terrorist propaganda over a tweet that the paper briefly posted in May, state media said. The newspaper’s online editor, Oguz Guven, was accused of discrediting Ankara’s fight against supporters of US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who the government says orchestrated a coup attempt last year. The tweet had referred to a prosecutor being killed in a road accident with the expression that he had been “mowed down by a truck.” Cumhuriyet says the tweet was replaced within one minute by one saying the prosecutor “died awfully in a truck accident.” The prosecutor who died had prepared an indictment against Gulen’s network.


Object from another system

A rocky cigar-shaped object detected in space last month came from another solar system, astronomers said on Monday, as they confirmed an unprecedented observation. The discovery could provide clues as to how other solar systems formed, said the researchers, who published their study in the British journal Nature. The asteroid, named Oumuamua by its discoverers, is 400m long and highly elongated — perhaps 10 times as long as it is wide. That odd shape is unprecedented among an estimated 750,000 asteroids and comets observed in our solar system where they formed, the researchers said. They concluded that the cigar-shaped thing is from another solar system due to data on its orbit. Asteroids like Oumuamua enter our solar system about once a year, but they are hard to trace and had not been detected until now, thanks to stronger telescopes, they said.


Bus ruins demolition show

An unlucky TV producer has been left cursing a large commuter bus, after it pulled up at just the wrong moment to ruin a live broadcast. On Monday, the Georgia Dome, an 80,000-capacity stadium that hosted events at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was demolished in a spectacular controlled implosion. Like many other media outlets, the Weather Channel set up a livestream to catch the moment on film. In footage posted online, a crowd of onlookers can be seen lined up to watch the demolition, as a voice slowly counts down to the demolition of the stadium. Seconds after the first plume of smoke appears, a bus slowly enters the frame. “No bus. Go away,” a man can be heard shouting. The bus then stops, completely obscuring the stadium, while he swears and sighs in frustration. By the time the 20-second stop is over, the implosion has finished.


Mother ‘dumps’ babies

A mother who dumped four of her babies in buckets filled with concrete that she then kept in her apartment for two decades was arrested yesterday. Mayumi Saito, 53, told investigators she had given birth to the infants between 1992 and 1997, a police spokesman said. Saito handed herself in at an Osaka police station on Monday and confessed, saying she did not think her financial predicament made it possible for her to look after the babies, local media reported. Detectives who searched her home found four concrete-filled buckets in a closet. Scans indicate that each one contains what appears to be the remains of an infant, the Asahi Shimbun reported. Police are still interviewing the woman, who lives with her son, and trying to determine whether she killed the babies or whether they were stillborn, the report said.

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