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‘Ark’ preserves rare plants

Seeds from hundreds of rare plant species around New England are being collected and frozen inside a “seed ark” for future use, and to keep the plants from becoming extinct. Inside the freezer at a botanical garden near Boston are tightly sealed packages containing an estimated 6 million seeds collected from hundreds of rare and obscure species. It is a way of preserving the genetic material of plants that could die out because of natural disasters, climate change or even simply being trampled afoot by unsuspecting hikers. The New England Wild Flower Society is heading the project in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Protesters back immigrants

Thousands of people on Sunday took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest US President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind a program that deferred deportations of immigrants who had arrived illegally as children. “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA,” demonstrators chanted as they gathered in a park before marching through a Latino neighborhood in the California metropolis. Trump, in a decision hostile to undocumented immigrants, recently abrogated an order issued by his predecessor, former US president Barack Obama, that protected about 800,000 young people by granting them temporary legal status as part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program.


Eight killed in shooting

At least eight people are dead, including the suspect, after a shooting at a home in Plano, Texas, authorities in North Texas said on Sunday night. The shooting occurred at about 8pm in the city less than 32km northeast of Dallas. Plano police spokesman David Tilley said police initially responded to a report of shots fired. When the first officer arrived and went inside the home, the officer confronted the suspected shooter. The officer opened fire, Tilley said, killing the suspect. Two others were injured in the shooting.


McCarthy wins Emmy

Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy on Sunday for her spoofs of former White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live in TV sketches that went viral. With slicked back hair and wearing ill-fitting suits, McCarthy played Spicer, whom she dubbed Spicey, as an enraged man who attacks the media, craves the praise of his boss and rides a motorized speaker’s podium. McCarthy on Sunday was named best guest actress in a comedy series for her impressions. The star of Bridesmaids and Mike & Molly was not at the ceremony in Los Angeles to accept the award.


Bannon opposed FBI firing

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said the firing of former FBI director James Comey might have been the biggest mistake in “modern political history.” Bannon said he opposed US President Donald Trump’s decision to oust Comey, calling the FBI “an institution.” Bannon told CBS that institutions such as the US Senate and House of Representatives can be changed “if the leadership is changed.” However, he also said the FBI is different. “I don’t believe that the institutional logic of the FBI, and particularly in regards to an investigation, could possibly be changed by changing the head of it,” Bannon said. The ousted White House adviser also said that if Comey had not been fired, “We would not have the Mueller investigation,” referring to special counsel Robert Mueller.

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