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Court against nuclear deals

The Western Cape High Court yesterday ruled that the government plans to increase the country’s reliance on nuclear power with help from Russia and other countries are unlawful. The ruling followed arguments by non-governmental groups that the public had not been sufficiently consulted about the plans and that the nation could not afford more nuclear facilities. Critics have been concerned that the nuclear deals could be vulnerable to graft at a time when President Jacob Zuma faces calls to resign because of scandals and the dismissal of a finance minister. The nation currently has two nuclear reactors that generate about 5 percent of its electricity.


Ivanka Trump draws groans

Ivanka Trump on Tuesday encountered a rough reception from an audience at a women’s empowerment event in Berlin after calling her father “a tremendous champion of supporting families.” US President Donald Trump’s daughter drew groans as she made the remark during a panel discussion with Chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF managing director Christine Lagarde. The exchange prompted a follow-up question from the moderator about the US president’s attitude to women. “I certainly heard the criticism from the media, and that’s been perpetuated,” Ivanka Trump said. “But … I know from personal experience, and I think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector, are testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man.”


Saudi wins literary prize

Saudi novelist Mohammed Hasan Alwan won what is considered to be the region’s top literary award for Arab fiction for a book about the trials and tribulations of a man on a journey of self-revelation through Andalusia in the 12th century. Alwan was awarded the 10th annual International Prize for Arab Fiction in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday evening. He received a US$50,000 cash prize and will get to have his book translated into English under the title A Small Death. His book was selected from more than 180 novels from 19 countries. Alwan, who was born in Riyadh in 1979 and now resides in Toronto, Canada, has published five novels.


Cassini ready for rings

Cassini, an unmanned NASA spacecraft was yesterday to make a plunge into the gap between Saturn and its rings, a pioneering journey that could offer an unprecedented view of the sixth planet from the Sun. The first of the spaceship’s 22 deep dives between Saturn and its innermost ring was scheduled to take place at 5am Florida time, NASA said. Communications with the spacecraft will go dark during the dive and for about a day afterward, while it makes observations of the planet.


Talks on moon outpost held

China is talking with the European Space Agency about collaborating on a human outpost on the moon. The China National Space Administration Secretary-General Tian Yulong (田玉龍) yesterday disclosed the talks in the state media. Further details on what the collaboration could entail were not revealed. The European agency has described its “`Moon Village” as a potential international launching pad for future missions to Mars.

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