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Voodoo leader dies

Max Gesner Beauvoir, the supreme leader of the voodoo religion, died on Saturday at the age of 79 in Port-au-Prince, his relatives have announced. Beauvoir, a biochemist by training, in 2008 was named the “National Ati,” or spiritual guide for voodoo practitioners. The title was created to defend the nation’s historic religion from increased attacks from some Protestant churches and Evangelical preachers. Beauvoir worked hard to counter negative stereotypes of the religion and explain voodoo to foreigners, and even opened the religion’s temple to the public during important religious ceremonies.


Call for UN-led probe

An opposition group says it rejects creation of a national commission using foreign judges and prosecutors to investigate corruption, and only an international commission would be acceptable. The group calling itself the “Indignant Opposition” on Saturday said that allegations of social security fraud should be investigated by a commission like the one the UN heads in Guatemala. The “Indignant Opposition” says it opposes an Organization of American States proposal to have foreign judges and prosecutors help investigate official wrongdoing because the effort would still be under national government control.


Training bunker planned

Police officers, security guards and soldiers will be trained to combat domestic terrorist attacks in an underground bunker simulating everything from hostage rescues to raids on airports, hotels and schools. The National Firearms and Tactical Training Centre, to be built on the site of a subterranean reservoir for £20 million (US$31 million), will feature mocked-up houses that trainees will storm, a Taser-training area and five live-firing ranges. The complex is to have 2m-thick walls to ensure safety and sound proofing. Rooms furnished with couches and cupboards will recreate real-world search-and-rescue scenarios, while the largest 100m range is big enough to teach vehicle interception techniques. The privately funded center should open in 2017.


Meimarakis seeks support

Conservative leader Evangelos Meimarakis on Saturday called on Greeks to give him the chance to form a government with his New Democracy party at “its core” and undo the damage from seven months of a left-led coalition. Meimarakis told an audience of party supporters and local business people at the Thessaloniki International Fair that “voters cannot gamble away” the “last chance” in next Sunday’s election to save the country from the policies of the leftist SYRIZA government. He promised business-friendly policies that would bring jobs, growth and, eventually lower taxes, instead of the state-driven economy he accused his opponent, former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, of promoting.


School teacher beatified

About 30,000 people yesterday gathered in the small northern village of Tshitanini for a ceremony beatifying a school teacher who was bludgeoned to death for resisting witchcraft. Benedict Daswa was killed by fellow villagers on Feb. 2, 1990, after he refused to pay a sorcerer who promised to end destructive storms hammering the region. Pope France in January said that Daswa would be beatified, the first to undergo the key step toward Catholic sainthood in southern Africa.

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