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Police crash activist dinner

Police on Tuesday night broke up a dinner party attended by activists in Hangzhou and detained a dozen people, an activist who attended the dinner said. Activist and blogger Wang Wusi (王五 四) said he and another 10 people were released after spending about two hours in custody. He said police held Wen Kejian (溫克堅) until yesterday morning and then released him without his cellphone or computer. Wen is a signatory of Charter 08, a document calling for democracy and the end of one-party rule. Wang yesterday said the activists had been warned by police that they were not allowed to meet for the dinner they organized in response to the recent detentions of other activists. “We just wanted to get together and discuss this because we all feel the pressure growing,” Wang said.


Study looks at student suicide

The high-pressure, exam-driven national education system is responsible for the vast majority of schoolchildren suicides, state media said yesterday, citing the 2014 Annual Report on China’s Education. A Ministry of Health journal said that about 500 primary and middle-school students kill themselves every year. A study of 79 such suicides last year found that almost 93 percent happened after arguments between the pupils and their teachers, or after the students experienced heavy pressure at school. Most killed themselves because “they could not bear the heavy pressure of the test-oriented education system,” the state-run China Daily quoted the findings as saying. The study follows a spate of suicides, including a 13-year-old boy in Jiangsu Province who hung himself this month after failing to finish his homework, the China Daily said.


Boy’s limbs found in croc

The limbs of an 11-year-old boy have been found inside a huge crocodile and his head discovered nearby where he was attacked in Siloura River in Gulf Province, a report said yesterday. The 4m croc grabbed Melas Mero as he was fishing with his parents last week, police commander Lincoln Gerari told the National newspaper. “The crocodile swept the boy with its tail and then attacked the defenseless child,” Gerari said. He added that police found two hands, two legs and a hipbone inside the crocodile after they tracked it down and killed it.


Toilet door taken for drone

The Ministry of Defense yesterday said that a suspected crashed drone was a false alarm, after it turned out to be the door of a portable toilet. An investigation team responded to a passer-by’s report of what he thought was the wreckage of a drone in a fenced-off military area in southern Seoul, only to find that the object was the broken door of a portable toilet, a ministry spokesman said. The door was a similar sky-blue color to three drones recovered in the past two months.


Seminary teacher held for rape

Police have arrested a seminary teacher and two of his friends on charges of gang raping a college girl in Mansehra, an official said yesterday. The incident took place on Monday when the seminary instructor and two companions lured the victim and a friend on the pretext of dropping them off home, then raped the girl in a moving car, police officer Zulfiqar Jadon said. The teacher confessed, but then retracted his statement, saying the two girls joined him and his friends on an outing. The case is unusual since rapes are rarely prosecuted.

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