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‘Pulp Fiction’ car recovered

Authorities say the classic Chevrolet convertible featured in the film Pulp Fiction has been found nearly two decades after it was stolen. The San Bernardino County Sun reports movie director Quentin Tarantino’s 1964 Chevelle Malibu was recovered in the San Francisco Bay area earlier this week. John Travolta’s character drove the cherry red car in the movie. Sheriff’s Sergeant Albert Anolin said an investigation into an old Malibu in the desert city of Victorville on April 18 led detectives to another Malibu in the Oakland area. They then confirmed that vehicle belonged to Tarantino and was reported stolen in 1994. Authorities say the car’s current owner is not believed to be involved in its theft and is considered to be a victim of a fraud.


Manning will not be marshal

The army private charged in a massive leak of secrets to the WikiLeaks Web site will not be an honorary grand marshal of San Francisco’s annual gay rights parade after all. San Francisco Pride Board president Lisa Williams announced in a statement on Friday evening that an invitation extended to imprisoned intelligence specialist Bradley Manning this week had been the work of an employee who acted prematurely based on internal discussions. Williams says a committee of former San Francisco Pride grand marshals did select the 25-year-old Manning, who is openly gay, for the distinction. However, she says the Pride Board decided his nomination was a mistake. The parade recognizes about a dozen celebrities, politicians and community organizations as honorary grand marshals each year for their contributions to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.


Tsunami debris confirmed

A Japanese fishing boat washed across the Pacific following the 2011 tsunami has been confirmed as the first piece of debris to reach the coast of California, officials said on Friday.

The 6m skiff, found this month near the northern Californian coastal town of Crescent City, belonged to the Takata High School in the Japanese city of Rikuzentakata, in Iwate Prefecture. Japan’s consulate in San Francisco helped the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirm where the boat came from, after it was spotted washed up on a local beach. The boat was covered in pelagic gooseneck barnacles. Experts at California’s Humboldt State University also helped to identify it, said NOAA spokeswoman Keeley Belva. The vessel is the 27th item of debris so far confirmed on the US West Coast, and the first in California.


Robbers burn dentist

A dentist died in her suburban Sao Paulo office after three robbers set her alight with alcohol because they could steal only US$15 from her, a police spokesman said on Friday. The spokesman said that three assailants burst into the office of 46-year-old Cinthya Magaly Moutinho de Souza on Thursday and demanded money. The trio stole the dentist’s credit card, but were only able to withdraw US$15 from a nearby automated teller machine. They returned to the office to demand more money from the dentist, who said she had none, the spokesman said. “The suspects then set the dentist alight. Military police who rushed to the scene found her dead,” he added. The spokesman said a witness saw the assailants escape in a black car and police were still hunting for them. He said one of the suspects was identified thanks to security cameras.

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