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Year of Snake sees serpent sales soar in Hong Kong


“There are many species of snake and all require unique habitats, including the right temperature and humidity to accomplish various physiological and behavioral processes. There are huge commitments behind keeping snakes and the SPCA [Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] does not recommend it to be a suitable household pet,” the organization’s Fiona Woodhouse said.

Bad diet and poor care often leave pet snakes dehydrated and with bone deformities, while keeping them in small containers leaves them stressed and prone to disease.

The reality may also be more gruesome than buyers realize.

“Many snakes require the feeding of live mice and although some can be trained to eat dead food, many can’t,” the SPCA said, adding that it feared that unwanted snakes would end up abandoned.

Chan says he would make sure his customers know the nitty-gritty before snapping up a snake.

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