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Parents shocked by alphabet

Angry parents are demanding to know why their kids are being taught about bombs and knives at nursery schools in Uttar Pradesh State. They said that a book on the Hindi alphabet for children says that “B” stands for bomb and “Ch” for “Chaku,” or knife. Pictures accompany the words. Rav Authar Dixit, president of the Parents-Student Welfare Association of Gurukul Academy, said on Sunday that the national education board was investigating how such a book was cleared for private nursery schools. Javed Alam, a board official, blamed the book publisher for the lapse.


One in three suffering: poll

A new poll finds that nearly a third of Indians view their lives poorly enough to be classified as suffering. The Gallup poll shows an increase in suffering across all income levels in the nation of 1.2 billion since the poll was first taken in 2006. The poll, released yesterday, found that 31 percent of Indians were rated as suffering. Among the poorest 40 percent, 38 percent were suffering. Gallup classified respondents as thriving, struggling or suffering according to how they rated their current and future lives. Income, education and employment were the key factors affecting people’s well-being, the survey said.


Street names key to fight

The maze of nameless streets and numberless houses in Kabul is making it difficult to catch insurgents and thwart attacks, prompting the capital’s police chief, Lieutenant-General Ayoub Salangi, to ask on Sunday that a system be installed. Most of the city’s dishevelled, dust-filled streets have no names, and of those that do, few are marked. For the majority of Kabul’s 4 million inhabitants, navigating is a trick of good memory and a stream of questions to locals and passers-by. “I have repeatedly asked the mayor of Kabul to create a system, but it is a vast project and requires a lot of money,” Salangi said. “From a security point of view, not having street names is devastating. There is no way to know where anyone is.”


Kim Dotcom in money row

Police are investigating Megaload cofounder’s claim that he gave a lawmaker money that the politician tried to disguise. Kim Dotcom told the New Zealand Herald he gave conservative MP John Banks NZ$50,000 (US$41,000) when Banks unsuccessfully ran for Auckland mayor in 2010. Dotcom said Banks told him to funnel the campaign contribution through two intermediaries so he could declare the donations anonymous. Banks is now the leader and sole lawmaker of the conservative Act Party, which is in a coalition partnership with the governing National Party.


Four hurt in sea scuffle

Seoul says four of its officials were hurt in a fight after they boarded a Chinese fish carrier, and nine Chinese sailors have been arrested. The scuffle happened after South Korean officials ordered the Chinese vessel to stop for an inspection yesterday morning in the Yellow Sea, it said. One official’s head was cut, but his condition is not life-threatening, the coast guard said. The officials said two other South Koreans received minor injuries, while another was rescued after falling into the water. The officials returned to their own vessel and contacted the coast guard, which said it captured the fleeing Chinese sailors.


Koran burning condemned

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