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Drug gangs kill more

The tortured and bound bodies of seven men were dumped in a Pacific port city along with messages signed by a drug gang, authorities said on Thursday. The Michoacan state prosecutors’ office said each victim’s head was covered with a black plastic bag and had a bullet wound in the back of the neck. Police found posters with threatening messages from the New Generation gang, an ally of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel. The killings in the port of Lazaro Cardenas came only two days after nine bodies were found in other Michoacan towns, also with messages signed by New Generation. Authorities also reported that the bodies of five more men were discovered shot dead on Thursday in other areas of Michoacan. In the northern state of Tamaulipas, four men and a woman were decapitated and their bodies left in plain sight on Thursday.


Killers target immigrants

Investigators said on Thursday they have not determined who is responsible for the fatal shooting of two illegal immigrants by camouflage-wearing men. The two killed on Sunday were among 20 to 30 illegal immigrants crammed in a pickup truck driving in the remote Arizona desert. Five immigrants in the group told investigators that two or more camouflage-clad gunmen appeared and yelled “Alto,” Spanish for “Stop,” fired at them and ran away, Pima County sheriff’s Deputy Dawn Barkman said on Thursday. Most of the immigrants fled into the desert. The five immigrants, all from Mexico, were found hiding in nearby brush.


Brainless can be aborted

The supreme court has voted to authorize abortions in cases of fetuses with no brains. Abortion is illegal in Brazil except when a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother and in cases of rape. The Supreme Federal Tribunal’s 8-2 vote on Thursday decriminalized abortions involving anencephalic fetuses. Such fetuses develop without brains and cannot survive outside the womb for more than a few minutes. Most die before birth. The country has a high rate of such cases, with 10 out of every 10,000 pregnancies. Brazil is the world’s most populous Roman Catholic country and religious groups staged vigils outside the court and in other cities opposing a ruling to allow such abortions.


Sewer workers find ring

A woman says she believes in miracles after sewer workers found the US$6,000 diamond wedding ring she accidentally flushed down the toilet 18 months ago. Mechelle Rieger claimed the seven-diamond ring on Thursday morning at City Hall, bringing with her a photo and the March 2001 appraisal from the jeweler that made it. Rieger thanked city workers Travis Fleming and Carey Knight, who spotted the ring along with loose coins in a filtration basket while doing routine maintenance last week.


Coast guards murdered

Two coast guard members who were fatally shot at a communications station on an island off Alaska appear to be victims of a double homicide. A member found the two on Thursday morning at their work areas inside the Kodiak Island station Captain Jesse Moore, commanding officer of the coast guard base, said the shootings likely occurred soon after the two arrived for work. The captain says he is not aware of anything that might have indicated problems at the station.


Monks lay claim to Spratlys

Five Buddhist monks have set sail for the disputed Spratly Islands, where they will spend six months setting up pagodas in the archipelago, a senior monk said yesterday. The monks will re-establish three temples which were abandoned by the nation in 1975, but have been recently renovated as part of the country’s drive to assert its territorial claims over the potentially oil-rich islands. “We plan to stay on the Truong Sa [Spratly] Islands for six months,” Thich Giac Nghia said by phone on a board a boat sailing toward the islands. The team will stay on one of the larger islands which is under Hanoi’s military control. Parts of the Spratlys are also claimed by Taiwan, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei.

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