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Belgian man charged in daycare stabbing horror

NIGHTMARE With a gruesomely painted face, the man walked into the center and began stabbing children


Forensic police officers take away a bloodied garment at a daycare center in Dendermonde, Belgium, on Friday where one adult and two children were killed in a knife attack. Several other children were wounded in the attack.


A 20-year-old Belgian man has been charged with killing two infants and a 54-year-old female employee at a child daycare center and has been remanded in custody, prosecutors said yesterday.

The man, who was arrested on Friday shortly after the rampage, was interrogated by police and then brought before a judge later that day who charged him and placed him under arrest, the prosecutor in Termonde said.

With a gruesomely painted black-and-white face, the man went on a rampage at a day care center, stabbing three to death and seriously wounding 12 others.

Sobbing parents rushed to the scene and to nearby hospitals.

Shocked rescue workers spoke of finding crying, bleeding toddlers scattered inside the center. Medical workers at six hospitals sprang into action, performing emergency operations to save the 10 children and two adults badly wounded in the attack.

“This was a particularly violent attack. All the kids had multiple stab wounds on their legs, arms and all over their bodies,” Ignace Demeyer, head of emergency services at Our Lady Hospital in nearby Aalst, told reporters.

The shocking assault caused panic and outrage in the town 30km northwest of Brussels, where the day care center sits on a residential street.

“An act of great brutality has happened here against our weakest citizens,” mayor Buyse Piet said. “The whole city is united in support for the parents who are in deep grief.”

Prosecutor Christian Du Four said the attacker rode his bike up to the Fabeltjesland day care center about 10am, found it unlocked and went in.

“After he entered he started slashing at everyone he ran into ... the day care workers, the children,” Du Four told a news conference.

He said the man wielded a nearly 20cm knife and had painted his face white with black patches around the eyes.

One worker tried but failed to disarm the intruder and another was stabbed to death, Du Four said. In the mayhem that ensued, the attacker simply walked out and got back on his bicycle before being arrested in a nearby supermarket shortly afterward.

Theo Janssens, a Dendermonde city councilor, arrived with first aid workers.

“The situation was horrible. There were bloodstained babies and staff workers everywhere,” he said on the VRT television network.

Police had to show distraught parents digital photographs of those taken to the hospital, asking them to identify their children.

Demeyer said all the wounded needed surgery, but by Friday night, all were in stable condition.

Nine of the 21 children at the center during the attack were unharmed, Demeyer said.

Du Four did not name the suspect but said he had no criminal record and was uncooperative under questioning.

Residents said the ssuspect was a local man who has a history of mental illness.

Officials opened up a nearby community center to provide psychological counseling to family members and witnesses and police cordoned off the area. Later on Friday, Crown Prince Philippe and his wife Princess Mathilde met with relatives of the victims as well as traumatized first aid workers.

“People are totally in shock,” said Leene Du Bois, a spokeswoman for the regional government of Flanders. “Nobody would have imagined anyone could do so much harm. There is much grief.”

Residents were flabbergasted, thinking at first that all the police sirens meant a repeat of the 2007 prison break at a nearby jail.

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