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Another foot added to puzzle

For the sixth time in less than a year, a human foot encased in a running shoe has washed ashore on the British Colombia coast. A woman on a beach near the Vancouver Island town of Campbell River discovered a right foot inside a black Adidas men’s running shoe. Local resident Sandra Malone said the woman came to her office to call police. “You could see the two bones coming up out of the shoe,” Malone said. “It’s just the bone and a lot of seaweed around the ankle.” Since last August five right feet and one left foot have been found along the south coast of the province, sparking international speculation about a possible murder mystery, or that they are remains of airplane or boat accident victims. Scientists say the feet could have drifted dozens or thousands of kilometers because human body parts can remain intact in water for years when protected by shoes or sturdy clothing. Police Sergeant Mike Tresoor said the foot was a man’s size 10.


Thief fixed for java

Police in Hawaii say a thief got his caffeine fix when he made off with more than 450kg of Kona coffee beans. Police say the beans were taken from a home sometime between May 27 and May 29. The beans were in 45kg burlap bags. Police are asking the public to report anyone trying to sell green coffee beans.


Duck shooter pleads guilty

A Long Island man has pleaded guilty to shooting a neighbor’s duck in an attack that led a court to approve an order of protection for the bird. The duck — named Circles — has fully recovered from the pellet gunshot wound to his throat. Ylik Mathews is expected to be sentenced next month to a year in county jail after pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty. The 21-year-old admitted to shooting the yellow-billed Pekin duck on March 17. Mathews said the shooting was an accident and “is happy the duck is doing well,” his lawyer said. However the judge in the case continued the order of protection for both the duck and his owner.


Taser prosecution dropped

Prosecutors in Boulder, Colorado, dropped charges against a restaurant owner after he and a security company supervisor shot each other with Tasers in a dispute over a parked car that had been clamped. They said the case against Harvey Epstein was weak. They also cited a weak case for the security company to have clamped a metal boot on a wheel of a van owned by one of Epstein’s employees — the incident that set off the May 17 confrontation.


National Guard take buses

The government started posting National Guard troops on buses on Wednesday to try to prevent violent crime. About 500 guardsmen have been assigned to ride on buses in Caracas as a deterrent against frequent armed robberies and killings of bus drivers, General Alirio Ramirez told the state-run Bolivarian News Agency. Some will escort buses by motorcycle through crime-prone areas. President Hugo Chavez announced the idea on his SundayTV and radio program, but it wasn’t clear if the project would be permanent. Polls regularly show that crime is Venezuelans’ leading concern — above unemployment and inflation. Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin said on Tuesday that Caracas averages about 40 homicides per week.

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