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Elephant kills teenager

An elephant enraged after it was hit by a speeding motorcycle as it crossed a road with its herd on Sumatra island trampled the two riders, leaving one dead, a report said yesterday. A 42-year-old man and his 14-year-old son were on their way home from a food stall in Riau Province on the motorcycle on Wednesday night when they collided with the herd, the state Antara news agency said. The elephant that they hit then turned on them, kicking their motorcycle, fatally crushing the son's head and badly injuring the father, it said.


Official honors dead mother

A village official canceled classes at a local school for several days to honor the anniversary of his mother's death with on-campus performances of traditional opera. Last week, the local primary school in Baodian, Shanxi Province, became a theater, with local residents watching traditional opera performed on a "towering" stage, Beijing News said yesterday. "Some of the school's classrooms were locked, while others had been converted into living quarters for a troupe of actors," the report said. The official was tight-lipped when tracked down by media: "This is my private family business. You have no right to interfere."


Star's daughter elopes

A famous actor's teenage daughter has accused her father of keeping her under house arrest for one year to prevent her from marrying her boyfriend, media said yesterday. Konedela Srija, 19, said she managed to escape. She married her 22-year-old boyfriend, Sirish Bhardwaj, 10 days ago and fled to New Delhi, where they sought court protection. Srija is the daughter of Chiranjeevi, a superstar of Telugu-language films who uses one name. "We never wanted to elope, but the circumstances were such that we had no choice," the Times of India daily quoted her as saying. A New Delhi High Court ordered police to protect the couple.


Uzbek journalist murdered

A prominent journalist known for his vocal opposition to Uzbekistan's authoritarian regime was gunned down late on Wednesday, police officials said yesterday. Alisher Saipov, editor of the Uzbek-language Politika paper, was shot dead in the town of Osh, the town's police chief Rustam Myrzamatov told reporters. "The journalist died at the site with two bullet wounds in the chest and one in the head." Saipov, a Kyrgyz citizen of Uzbek origin, regularly smuggled issues of Politika into Uzbekistan, which is notorious for human rights violations. Official newspapers there had dubbed Saipov a "traitor to the Uzbek people."


Miners learn about sex

Australian coal miners are being taught to understand their wives in order to have a healthy sex life. The "Toolbox Talks" at the Bulga coal mine north of Sydney have been such a success that the Xstrata mining company is considering running them at other mines. "The Toolbox Talks are a series of health briefings ... addressing issues such as fatigue, prostate cancer, nutrition, heart disease and this month we are addressing the issue of menopause," Xstrata spokesman James Rickards said. "Even though it is a predominately male working environment we have to look at the lifestyles of our employees, making sure they are fit and healthy at work, but also fit, healthy and happy at home," he said.


Return of head halted

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