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Israeli raid on Syria targeted reactor: US

TARGET Washington and Israel did not release much information, but a senior Israeli official said the bombing was meant to `reestablish the credibility of our deterrent power'


The air raid on Syria conducted by Israel last month targeted a site that Israeli and US intelligence specialists believe was a partly constructed nuclear reactor that may have been modeled after one in North Korea, the New York Times reported on its Web site Saturday, citing US and foreign officials who had access to the analysts' intelligence reports, all who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

The targeted Syrian facility appeared to have been much further from completion than an Iraqi reactor the Israelis destroyed in 1981 in an attack the Sept. 6 incident echoed, according to the Times, again citing US and foreign officials. It also said Bush administration officials had been divided over the attack, with some seeing it as premature.

Some officials said the facility was years away from being used to produce spent nuclear fuel that could eventually be used for weapons-grade plutonium. The internal debate in the administration of US President George W. Bush over a possible Israeli attack on the reactor began last summer, the Times said.

It remained unclear how far Syria had gotten with the plant before the attack, what role North Korea might have played and whether a case could be made it was intended to produce electricity, the newspaper said.

US and foreign officials refused to be drawn out on whether they suspected North Korea of having sold or given the plans to Syria, but some officials said it was possible a transfer of technology occurred several years ago.

Israel confirmed earlier this month it had carried out an air strike on Syria, but the two countries have given little information on the target.

Information on the raid has been under tight wraps in both Washington and Israel, the Times said, restricted to a handful of officials, and Israeli media have been barred from publishing information about it.

But a senior Israeli official said the attack was meant to "re-establish the credibility of our deterrent power," the Times said. Several US officials told the paper the strike may also have been intended for the attention of Iran and its nuclear program.

White House spokesman Tony Fratto declined to comment on the Times story. Israel also refused to comment, the Times said.

US officials said the partially constructed Syrian reactor was identified earlier this year in satellite photographs. Those officials also suggested Israel brought the facility to US attention.

The newspaper also reported that US Vice President Dick Cheney and other hawkish members of the administration contended that the same intelligence that prompted Israel's attack on the reactor strengthened the case for US reconsideration of negotiations with North Korea over ending its nuclear program, as well as Washington's diplomatic posture with Syria.

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