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Gunman killed amid mayhem in New York City

`OUT OF HIS MIND' Over 122 shell casings littered the street after the 20-minute crime spree and shootout that killed 23-year-old Victor Gordon


A Brooklyn man was killed in a drawn-out gunfight with the police on Saturday after squeezing a lifetime of mayhem into less than 20 minutes: carjacking and crashing two cars, firing at an apartment door and a carful of strangers, and then at officers who closed in after he squirmed out of a passenger's side window, the police said.

After the police shot him on a busy street, the man, Victor Gordon, 23, got up and began again to shoot before officers fired a final barrage. He was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital, the police said, and as night fell, they counted at least 122 shell casings strewn along Park Place near Albany Avenue, where the shootout took place.

Despite all the bullets, only one other person was injured, a man who was hit in the arm after Gordon had crashed one car and was looking to steal another, the police said.

The precise motive of the wild shooting and carjacking spree was not immediately known, but the police speculated that it might have been prompted by an argument that Gordon had Friday night with his companion, the mother of his child.


Shortly before 2pm, police said Gordon carjacked a Dodge Charger near where he lived, forcing the driver out with a 9mm handgun.

He drove to where his companion's parents live, knocked and getting no answer, fired two shots at their door.

Then, the police said, Gordon got into the Charger and sped off, before crashing into an empty storefront. He got out of the car, and, waving his gun, tried to carjack a Nissan Maxima that had three people inside, but the driver sped off.

Infuriated, Gordon fired shots at the Maxima but missed. The police said that one of the bullets hit the arm of a 46-year-old man sitting in a parked Jeep Cherokee. The victim, who was not identified by the authorities, was in stable condition at Kings County Hospital last night.

The gunman then walked toward a grocery store, while Derrin Dyson, 14, ran for cover inside. The owner, Giuseppe Lopez, locked Dyson, himself and three other people inside as the gunman walked by.

"He looked like he was out of his mind," Dyson said.

The police said Gordon then carjacked a silver Lincoln Town Car, and made it five blocks before slamming into a lamp post.

Ricky Williams, 46, who lives nearby, heard the boom of the impact and went outside. The driver was sitting behind the wheel dazed, Williams said.


Then the driver got out of the passenger's side of the car, Williams said. The moment the driver hit the ground, police cars arrived, lights flashing, sirens screaming. The police ordered the driver to drop his gun, Williams said.

The driver did not, witnesses said, and instead began firing at the officers.

"That's when all hell broke loose," Williams said.

The police immediately began firing back, and the driver returned their shots.

The driver was hit in the chest, and slumped to the sidewalk, behind the cars, he said.

For about 20 seconds, everything was silent. Williams said he saw the driver staggering back up to his feet and begin firing again, as officers fired back. Witnesses guessed the second shootout lasted two minutes.

He was shot again several times, and fell, this time for good.

It was about 2:10pm, witnesses said, less than 20 minutes after Gordon took the first car.

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