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■ China
Fourth official kills himself

A county government official was found dead in western China in the latest in a string of apparent suicides among local bureaucrats, a newspaper reported yesterday. Li Fuduo, 44, was found collapsed on the roof of his apartment building on Sunday with a knife in his hand and stomach wounds, the Chongqing Morning Post said. He died the same night in a hospital, it said. Police labeled Li's death a suicide, the paper reported, making him at least the fourth government official to kill or attempt to kill himself in recent weeks. Such officials often face intense pressure in their jobs, and large numbers have fallen afoul of investigators looking into corruption or poor performance.

■ China

Adult diapers a hit on trains

Migrant workers in southern China are wearing adult diapers on overcrowded trains heading home for the Lunar New Year holiday because they have no access to toilet facilities, state media reported yesterday. About 120 million peasants from the country's vast rural areas swarm into the cities for work and all try to make it home for the holiday, filling all standing room on trains and making access to the toilet impossible during trips which often last 24 hours or longer. The Lunar New Year holiday prompts arguably the biggest movement of humanity on Earth in China. "During the peak travel period last year, some passengers even became deranged on their journeys because of the conditions and jumped out of the carriages," the China Daily said. Many supermarkets in southern Foshan had reported a 50 percent increase in sales of adult diapers for the train trips, the China Daily reported.

■ Malaysia
Prostitutes hit the road

Thai sex workers affected by violent unrest in the south of their homeland are now plying their trade in northern Malaysia, operating illicitly from the back rooms of cyber cafes and beauty salons, a state official and a news report said yesterday. The migration of the prostitutes began last year after an escalation of bombings and other violence by Islamic insurgents in the southern Thai provinces significantly reduced the number of Malaysians and other tourists to the area, the New Straits Times newspaper reported.

■ Cambodia

Man receives cruelest cut

A man had to have 25 stitches to his penis after his wife attempted to sever the organ with scissors after a domestic dispute, a newspaper reported yesterday. Khay Kaing, 40, returned home early on Saturday after a night out with friends in Kampong Cham province, 80km northeast of the capital Phnom Penh, the Koh Santepheap newspaper reported. An argument ensued and he allegedly slapped his wife. As the man got into bed his wife came at him with the scissors and attempted to cut off his penis, the newspaper reported, not detailing whether she succeeded. The newspaper said after being attacked, the man walked some 500m to a relative's home to seek help and was later taken to a doctor who administered the sutures.

■ Japan

Stressed nurse jailed

A Japanese nurse who tried to relieve her work stress by tearing off patients' nails was sentenced on Monday to three years and eight months in prison. The 32-year-old Japanese woman, who worked at a hospital in the ancient capital of Kyoto, tore off the fingernails and toenails of six female patients in September and October 2004. The patients were all immobile after strokes or other illnesses. The Kyoto District Court said the woman had committed the cruel acts to relieve stress she was under from extra work forced on her by her supervisors.

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