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■ Hong Kong
Thief nabs gourmet crabs

A thief has pinched 70 hairy crabs from a Hong Kong shop, police said yesterday. The top-quality crabs -- a seasonal delicacy hugely popular among local residents -- were worth about US$1,280. More than 600 cheaper crabs were left untouched. "The thief only stole the expensive crabs. He had good taste," the shop's owner was quoted as saying by Ming Pao Daily. The burglary was discovered early on Saturday when a police officer found that the shop's gate was pried open, Yue said.

■ India

Rice handout ends in tragedy

A stampede at a flood relief camp in rain-battered southern India yesterday killed at least six people and injured four others. The stampede in the Vyasar Padi neighborhood of Madras occurred as hundreds of flood victims jostled to grab rice and money offered by the government. Heavy rains and a storm battered India's southern coast last month, killing at least 100 people and leaving thousands of people homeless. The government of Tamil Nadu state said it would provide aid consisting of 10kg of rice and 2,000 rupees (US$45) in cash to each flood-affected family.

■ Thailand

Army prepares for unrest

The army will send sniffer dogs to Bangkok's skytrain stations and subways amid concern that violence in the country's Muslim-majority south could spread to the capital. The army plans to buy 12 German Shepherd dogs for bomb search operations to prevent attacks on Bangkok's popular skytrain and subway systems, the English-language daily Bangkok Post said, quoting an army source. The plan was due to concern that "southern separatist attacks will spread to Bangkok," the daily said, adding Thailand's Mass Rapid Transit Authority workers would receive four weeks of training in bomb search operations.

■ INdonesia

Prisoners jailed for drugs

Almost half of Indonesia's prison population have been jailed on drug offenses, a report said yesterday quoting Justice Minister Hamid Awaluddin. "Around 40 percent of the inhabitants of jails are drug case prisoners," Awaluddin said. A justice ministry official said last week that Indonesia currently hosts 100,611 convicts and detainees in jails across the country. Officials have said that Indonesia is no longer a mere transit point on the drug distribution path between mainland Asia and Australia but has become a market of its own. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has said that around 3.2 million Indonesians or almost 1.5 percent of the population were drug users, with about 78 percent of them were youths aged in their 20s.

■ Cambodia

Man in naked rampage

A naked rampage by a German national through the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, which featured two escapes from hospital and a midnight visit to the city's namesake temple, ended when he was captured and handed over to his embassy, police said yesterday. Wat Phnom district police chief Sun Bun Lay said that a 26-year-old man identified as Adolf Chisttine had begun his rampage on Saturday night after he was found sleeping in front of a local supermarket and taken to hospital by a concerned local. "He woke up, took his clothes off and ran out of the hospital screaming. We brought him back but he escaped again and we found him still naked at the Wat Phnom temple trying to join a troupe of local monkeys, so the hospital called the German embassy," Bun Lay said.

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