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■ Hong Kong
Stabbing suspects arrested

Six suspects allegedly involved in the stabbing of a 7-year-old boy, including his stepmother, were arrested by police yesterday in a case that has shocked the territory. Four men and two women aged 16 to 48 were taken into custody. The victim, identified in media reports as Shum Ho-yin, was stabbed in the right arm repeatedly a week ago while his grandmother was held at knifepoint. "We've arrested Yin's stepmother and another four men and a woman. The suspects arrested include the mastermind, the attacker, a taxi driver and other accomplices," police said. Shum's stabbing sparked an outpouring of sympathy, with celebrities donating money to the boy's family.

■ Australia

Fish smuggler charged

A 50-year-old woman has been charged with a quarantine offense for allegedly smuggling three tiny fish in a face cream jar from Taiwan. The woman, an Australian resident of Taiwanese descent, faces a maximum prison term of 10 years and a A$110,000 (US$82,889) fine on a charge for smuggling wildlife -- juvenile fish each less than 1cm long, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service spokesman Carson Creagh said. "It does mystify us why she would bring such tiny fish in such a strange way," Creagh said. The fish had not yet been identified, Creagh said. They will eventually be destroyed. The woman was also carrying aquarium weed, leading officials to suspect she wanted to keep the fish as pets. "Quarantine officers couldn't be certain they were free from diseases or parasites that could have devastated our native wildlife," Quarantine and Inspection Service spokesman Carson Creagh said.

■ United States
Nazi past catches up to man

Authorities have moved to revoke the US citizenship of a Chicago man implicated in the Nazi destruction of the Jewish ghetto in Lviv, Ukraine, the US Justice Department said on Wednesday. Osyp Firishchak, 86, "was on the front lines enforcing Hitler's brutal methods against the Jews of Lviv," Acting Assistant Attorney General John Richter said in a statement. Firishchak, who entered the US in 1949 and acquired citizenship in 1954, was found to have concealed his service in the Nazi-sponsored Ukraine Auxiliary Police from 1941-1944.

■ Russia

Beslan marks school tragedy

Bells tolled here yesterday one year to the minute after gunmen seized Beslan's School Number One and took more than 1,100 people inside it hostage as Russia marked the first anniversary of a tragedy that still reverberates through the country. The bells rang at precisely 9:15am and were succeeded by the music of Mozart's Requiem played quietly at the site of the attack where hundreds of people, victims' families and others, placed flowers in the ruins of the school's gymnasium where most of the victims died. Streets in the area around the destroyed school were cordoned off by police and pedestrians were required to pass through metal detectors to enter the school grounds.

■ Tanzania

Man escapes lion attack

A Tanzanian man survived a mauling by a lion which sprang at him from the bushes on his way to his farm, the local Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday. Omari Waziri Mtonga was with two relatives when the beast hauled him to the ground, clawing and biting him repeatedly in the coastal district of Kisarawe, the paper said. "I somehow managed to muster the strength to battle with it," the 50-year-old said from his hospital bed. "I was in a state of shock, but kept fighting it with all my strength. I refused to lie down and be killed by the animal."

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