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■ China

Wife reports bigamist

A husband in southern China is being sued for bigamy after keeping a wife and mistress under the same roof and dividing his time between them, a news report said yesterday. The Guangzhou man reached an agreement with the two women to spend three nights a week with his wife and one night a week with his mistress. However, the arrangement turned sour when he tired of his wife's rudeness and announced that he wanted to divorce her, the South China Morning Post reported. His wife is now suing him for bigamy for keeping a wife and common-law wife under one roof, the newspaper said. Each woman has one child by the man.

■ South Korea

Defectors due next week

South Korea will accept a group of up to 400 North Korean defectors next week, the Unification Ministry confirmed yesterday. After escaping their homeland,

the North Koreans have

been in a "third country" in

Southeast Asia, a ministry spokeswoman said, without naming the country. "We try

to get them to South Korea

next week," she said. The Kyunghyang Shinmun newspaper reported that

the presence of the North Koreans was posing problems for the third country and had threatened to send them to China if South Korea did not accept them.

■ Japan

Girls stab stranger

Police yesterday said they had arrested two schoolgirls, both aged 15, over the stabbing of a stranger with a kitchen knife in the street which left him seriously injured. One of

the girls who confessed to stabbing the 21-year-old man late on Thursday at a summer festival in Toyama, 250km northwest of Tokyo, was quoted by a police spokesman as saying: "I was feeling very irritated. The victim could have been anybody." He declined to comment on how the girl came to be carrying a kitchen knife, which had a 15cm blade. The second girl conspired with the attacker, police said, but did not take part in the stabbing. The man was seriously injured.

■ Vietnam

Man kills `devilish' relative

A Central Highlands man has been sentenced to 11 years

in prison for killing his father-in-law, a court official said yesterday. Y Pol Kso, 35, suspected his father-in-law,

Y Duk Kso, to be a devil, which the local Ede people call ma lai. A ma lai is said

to be human during the day,

but a devil at night, said court official Tran Ngoc Mai. Pol Kso blamed Duk Kso for causing him to be ill, so

he borrowed his brother's shotgun and shot Duk Kso

in the head one night in December last year, the court official said. Pol Kso was convicted of murder, the court official said.

■ New Zealand

Woman starves over phobia

An elderly agoraphobic woman starved to death in her home because she was too afraid to go outside, the Christchurch Press newspaper reported yesterday. Joyce Irene Riley, 75, had been looked after by her son Tim in their home in the South Island city of Christchurch, but when he died she did not tell anyone and shunned offers of help. An inquiry into Joyce Irene Riley's death was told that for two months she lived with the decomposing body of her 43-year-old son in her bedroom. Police and housing New Zealand staff had called at her home but she repeatedly turned them away at the door. Riley was emaciated and just 41kg when police found her body on September 16 last year with a half-eaten biscuit stuck in her teeth. Her son, Tim, had been dead for almost two months, suffering broncho-pneumonia and heart failure in late July.

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