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■ Bangladesh

Floods maroon 3 million

Floodwaters have covered large areas of Bangladesh, hampering efforts yesterday to rescue three million people marooned by rising waters and raising the death toll to 13. Two children died after they were bitten by snakes in the roiling waters, officials said. The town of Sylhet lay under 60cm of water, officials said. Road links were severed and the railway was threatened by the floods. More rain was expected to flood areas around the capital, Dhaka. Rescue operations have yet to start in many areas. "We have enough relief goods but it is difficult to reach people in remote villages due to bad weather and a shortage of boats," said relief official M. Mostafa Kamal.

■ India

Death toll rises to 96

The death toll from floods swamping large portions of northeastern India rose to 96 yesterday as six people died overnight, officials said. "Two paramilitary soldiers were drowned in Arunachal Pradesh and four civilians died in two separate inci-dents of boats capsizing in Assam," a police spokes-man said. The mighty Brahma-putra river rose in some areas by almost 3m, displac-ing up to 2.6 million people. The situation deteriorated after a dam burst in Bhutan. Army helicopters were air-dropping food and relief materials. "The water current is so strong that boats cannot reach several areas where thousands of people were stranded," Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi said.

■ Hong Kong

Police seek tourists' rapist

Police in Hong Kong yesterday stepped up the hunt for the rapist of two British backpackers. Posters featuring an artist's impres-sion of the rapist are being printed and a HK$100,000 (US$12,800) reward is offered. The women were raped a month ago near their rural youth hostel. The tattooed attacker tailed the women for 45 minutes as they made their way back from a bus stop to their hostel. He grabbed a knife from one of the women when she used it to try to frighten him off. The women helped police artists prepare a detailed impression of the rapist, although Superinten-dent Gareth Williams said there had still been no major breakthrough in the hunt.

■ Australia

Killer white shark hunted

A hunt was launched Sunday for a shark that killed a surfer at a popular West Australian beach. Helicop-ters and a government ship began scouring waters south of Perth attempting to find the shark that fatally attacked the 29-year-old man Saturday. Witnesses said the shark knocked the man off his board then savaged his midriff as he fell. Police said two sharks up to 5m long may have been involved. One witness said that teenagers who pulled the victim from the water said the shark was "as big as a car."

■ Australia

Dog nears 27th birthday

A 26-year-old mongrel living with an Aboriginal family in Australia's outback has the potential to become the world's oldest living dog, a newspaper reported yester-day. Jerry, an Australian cattle dog-bull terrier cross, will next month turn 27 -- the equivalent of 189 years for a human, said veterinar-ian Honey Nelson in Sydney's Daily Telegraph. The oldest living dog in the 2004 edition of Guinness World Records is a 27-year-old beagle in the US state of Virginia. Jerry's owner, Waddie Harris, credited Jerry's longevity his high-protein diet of outback wildlife and table scraps.

■ France

Jewish' woman attacked

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