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VP Cheney getting used to campaign trail crowds

MAN OF THE PEOPLE? US Vice President Dick Cheney finally seems to be getting the hang of looking at his supporters when addressing them


At the stop in East Lisbon, he was greeted with a whistling and cheering audience outside the two-story red brick party headquarters. He waved, then quickly ducked inside.

"Well, that wasn't what I expected," said a miffed cameraman for WKBN in Youngstown. "I've been here an hour and a half."

When Cheney emerged a few minutes later, he showed little interest in the vintage car, climbing into it for brief remarks that began less than rousingly: "It's the first time we've used the sound system on top of the bus."

To illustrate that he understood the sacrifices of the troops in Iraq, he told the audience he had met a woman inside whose son was serving with the First Cavalry Division in Baghdad. He quickly moved on: "We've got a minute to shake some hands."

He spent slightly more than a minute doing so. Then, as the crowd yelled "Cheney! Cheney!" he turned to an aide and said, "We all set?" and got on the bus, only belatedly turning to wave once before turning and fidgeting his thumb over fingertips as he waited to sit down again.

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