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Board game recreates wartime Kaohsiung

PIECE OF THE PAST:In ‘Raid on Takao,’ players must keep their characters alive while completing scenarios based on historical records of US bombings during World War II

By Huang Chia-lin and Jonathan Chin  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

An undated promotional photograph presents tabletop game Raid on Takao.

Photo copied by Huang Chia-lin, Taipei Times

Mizo Games, the studio behind Raid on Taihoku, has created another tabletop game, Raid on Takao, which is based on US air raids on Kaohsiung during World War II.

Play-testing sessions were held at Wude Hall and the Kaohsiung Museum of History yesterday and are to continue today.

Kaohsiung bore the brunt of the US strategic bombing of the then-Japanese colony in the final months of the war, due in large part to the city’s importance to sustaining the Japanese war effort in the Pacific, the studio said.

The city was heavily bombarded, especially areas near the harbor, Gangshan Air Base, the No. 61 naval aircraft factory, power plants and other military and industrial facilities, it said.

Made for two to six players, Raid on Takao requires players’ characters to survive the raids and complete scenario-dependent objectives on a map of Kaohsiung reconstructed from historical records, Mizo Games said.

The 12 playable characters include a doctor, a cook, a Catholic priest, a musician, an Aboriginal combat veteran and a female high-school student, and were designed with gender inclusivity, ethnic diversity and authenticity in mind, it said.

The game scenarios — including rescuing a friend from police custody or saving prisoners of war from a sinking ship in the harbor — were inspired by actual events in Kaohsiung, such as actions of the Japanese secret police and the torpedoing of the Lisbon Maru transport ship, the studio said.

The city’s prefectural hall, a Shinto shrine and a Catholic church are some of the historical locations used in game, it said.

The Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs on Friday applauded the designers for incorporating history into the game.

It made available venues in Gangshan for game sessions to promote awareness of the city’s history, the bureau said.

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