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Showbiz host rants against show star, then apologizes

By Tseng Te-jung and William Hetherington  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Pictures of variety show host Hsu Nai-lin, left, and Tang Tsung-sheng are shown in this photo composite.

Photo: Chen Yi-kuan, Taipei Times, left, and screengrab from Tang Tsung-sheng’s Facebook account

Television variety show host Hsu Nai-lin (徐乃麟) yesterday apologized for his rant directed at show star Action Tang (唐從聖), during which he had used offensive language, including comments about Tang’s mother.

During filming of the show Genius Go Go Go (天才衝衝衝), Tang told Hsu that he was a sore loser, to which Hsu responded by swearing and yelling at Tang.

Video of the incident was leaked on the Internet by a Chinese Television System (CTS) crew member.

In response, Hsu on Friday said he would “humbly accept advice from others” on how to handle the situation, but made no mention of Tang.

In a live video response streamed online yesterday morning, Tang shed tears while telling viewers that, as his father passed away two years ago and his mother is now 78 years old, he cannot handle someone attacking his family.

“This is the most serious insult I have ever received,” he said.

Tang said he is preparing to take legal action against Hsu, adding that he has been advised to do so by close friends and coworkers.

“I need to do this for my mother and father, I need to let [Hsu] know that I have a family just like he does and that I love them,” Tang said.

Hsu yesterday afternoon called an emergency news conference and issued an apology to Tang.

Referring to Tang by his nickname, Tsung-tsung (從從), Hsu said that he had lost control of his emotions and that he was “stupid” for having the outburst.

“I am going to deeply reflect on my actions,” Hsu told reporters, adding that he also apologized to the public for the use of vulgar language.

“I was hurt that he called me a ‘sore loser,’ but if I were insulted in this way, I’d have had an even stronger reaction. If he can’t find a way to cool down, I will respect Tsung-tsung’s decision [to sue],” Hsu said.

Some netizens said that Hsu was grinning during the news conference and questioned his sincerity, while supporters said that his apology appeared genuine.

Meanwhile, CTS said it plans to strictly punish the crew member who leaked the video.

Novelist Miss Anita (御姊愛) responded by saying: “CTS, if I were you I would not let this worker go. You are a large public organization that has the responsibility of improving society. You should take this opportunity to face up to bullying!”

Additional reporting by Chung Chih-kai

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