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No radioactivity found: AEC

The Atomic Energy Council (AEC) yesterday said that it had found no traces of radioactive material following North Korea’s nuclear bomb test. The AEC in a statement said it had stepped up its monitoring since North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb on Sunday last week, but had detected no unusual levels of radionuclides. The statement came one day after it was reported that South Korea had found traces of radiation. South Korean officials said the levels of radionuclides were low and posed no threat to public safety. The AEC said that low levels of radionuclides are not harmful to human health, but added that it would continue to monitor radiation levels. Radionuclides are unstable atoms with excessive nuclear energy which are produced as a result of nuclear explosions, the AEC said.


Storm forms near Guam

A tropical depression near Guam could develop into this year’s 18th tropical storm and might affect the nation next week, the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday. As a Pacific high-pressure system remains strong and a front approaches from the north, the storm could begin to affect the nation from Wednesday, bureau forecaster Wu Yi-fan (吳依帆) said, adding that the depression would gain strength as it approaches. Daniel Wu (吳德榮), an independent meteorologist and adjunct professor at National Central University, said it would take at least two days for the depression to develop into a tropical storm. Citing forecasts by US and European authorities, he said that the storm could veer north and approach southern Taiwan on Thursday, and might pose a serious threat in the following two or three days.


Taipei to host congress

More than 1,000 hospital managers, medical professionals and other healthcare industry representatives from 20 nations are to attend the World Hospital Congress in Taipei in November to share their knowledge and experience regarding hospital management. Taiwan Hospital Association consultant Kao Hsiao-lin (高小玲) on Friday said that this is to be the first time that the World Hospital Congress, the International Hospital Federation’s (IHF) cornerstone event, is hosted in Taiwan. This is of special significance, as the IHF works closely with the WHO, which the nation is keen to take part in, Kao said. As “the nation with the best healthcare system in the world,” Taiwan is willing and eager to share its techniques and technology with the global community, she told a news conference in Geneva on Wednesday.


Physician naturalized

Peter Kenrick, an Australian physician who has practiced in Taitung County for 32 years, on Thursday became a Republic of China citizen. The 60-year-old first arrived in 1985 to provide backup in the emergency room at Taitung St Mary’s Hospital, where there was a staff shortage. He decided to stay after two months, and worked at the hospital for 17 years until he transferred to Taitung Christian Hospital in 2002. Kenrick has traveled by bicycle to nearly every corner of the county to treat patients and volunteers overseas for two months every year with the International Red Cross. His devotion won him the Medical Dedication Award in 2001. He applied for citizenship in May, several months after the Nationality Act (國籍法) was amended to allow foreign nationals who have made special contributions to Taiwan to become a citizen without having to renounce their original citizenship.

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