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PFP urges KMT to face its mistakes for justice

By Stacy Hsu  /  Staff reporter

The People First Party (PFP) caucus yesterday threw its support behind a draft bill aimed at dealing with ill-gotten party assets, urging the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) to truthfully face its mistakes and allow justice for the people.

The PFP made the remarks in a press release issued after lawmakers voted 71-26 in favor of putting the legislation at the top of the agenda of an extra legislative session, which began yesterday and is set to run through July 29.

“The PFP supports the legislature’s attitude in dealing with the KMT’s ill-gotten assets. [The KMT] should face its mistakes and give Taiwanese due justice,” the PFP said.

However, the PFP urged the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to bear in mind the creation of a more benign political environment when dealing with political parties’ ill-gotten assets, rather than being motivated by vengeance.

Describing the KMT’s ill-gotten assets as a “posthumous child of past mistakes,” the PFP said that the properties the KMT received or improperly occupied after the Japanese colonial period ended should be returned to the people.

“Over the past few years, PFP Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) has repeatedly reiterated his stance that [the KMT’s] ill-gotten assets should be dealt with and given back to the people,” the PFP said.

“However, not only did the KMT’s leadership miss the best time to handle the issue, they also arbitrarily allowed the assets to create unfair political competition,” it added.

Handling the KMT’s assets now is merely an attempt to “repeat a failed course” and finish the KMT’s “long overdue homework,” the PFP said, urging lawmakers to pass the draft bill as soon as possible.

The PFP also called for wisdom, prudence and transparency in dealing with the KMT’s assets, as not all of them originated with the Japanese government, as some came from investments, and many bona fide third parties were involved in the party’s sales of properties in the past.

“If the DPP lets vindictiveness go to its head or handles the issue in a manner similar to plundering, it will only create more impropriety and another wave of social instability,” the PFP said.

The PFP added that both the DPP and KMT should face the past truthfully, work toward the future with good, will and rise above their personal interests and political calculations.

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