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Woman left puzzled by pigeon’s ‘gift’

By Lin Liang-shen and Sean Lin  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A Greater Taichung woman received an unexpected gift on Monday from a pigeon, which left her an egg that she did not know what to do with.

The woman, surnamed Tang (湯), said she encountered the pigeon outside her 12th floor apartment door.

She could see it was a racing pigeon because it had a band around one of its legs, she added.

Not knowing what to do, she reached out her arm, hoping that her visitor would stand on it so she could send it away, she said.

The pigeon dodged, so Tang chased it to the roof, where it shook its hip and laid an egg in front of her.

Perplexed, Tang said she picked up the egg and showed it to the pigeon, imploring it not to leave the egg behind.

After trying to talk some sense into the pigeon for 30 minutes (to no avail), the bird flew away, leaving her with the egg and totally clueless as to what she should do next, she said.

Stumped and frustrated, Tang said that she could only seek advice on the Internet.

“I found an egg from a racing pigeon. What should I do?” she wrote.

Her post quickly drew the attention of netizens for its comic value.

Some jokingly replied that she should just cook and eat it, while others gave her professional advice on how to hatch the egg, she said.

A Greater Taichung-based pigeon farmer surnamed Lai (賴) said it takes about 18 days for pigeon eggs to hatch, but new-born fledglings must feed on adult pigeons’ crop milk.

He advised Tang to send the fledgling to a professional pigeon farm after the egg hatches.

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