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Buffets worst place for first dates, survey says

UNSUITABLE:People risk pigging out at all-you-can buffets, while taking a date to a hot spring clearly shows a man’s intention, a matchmaking service said

By Chen Ping-hung and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

All-you-can-eat buffets, hot springs and amusement parks topped the list of places not suitable for first dates, a survey showed.

To mark White Day yesterday, Yuelao Bank, a Taiwanese matchmaking service company, released the results of its survey of 426 members, with the number equally divided between male and female respondents.

All-you-can-eat buffets topped the poll, because people tend to pig out and consume too much, forgetting their table manners and making an unfavorable impression, Yuelao Bank manager Tsao Ya-fang (曹雅芳) said.

“There are places that are just not suitable for first dates. When a man invites a woman for a hotspring dip, his intentions are obvious. It is embarrassing to take off your clothes and expose your body on the first date,” she said.

“Amusement parks ranked third in the survey. When it is crowded, waiting in long lines can be boring. Moreover, some games or rides are too demanding, and some people might get sick and throw up,” she said.

The next six places on the “Top 10 list of unsuitable place for first dates” are motels, seafood restaurants, shopping malls, barbecue eateries, hiking, night markets and night clubs.

“People think that night markets are fun because of the variety of snacks available, but most women worry about the place being too crowded, eating strange foods or finding a washroom in case they have an upset stomach,” Tsao said.

A respondent named Effie said: “It is better to have a meal together, or just afternoon coffee for the first date. This way people can chat and get to know each other.”

A male respondent called A-Zong (阿宗) said most girls do not like to work up a sweat, and so hiking in the mountains is not a good choice.

Tsao agreed that an afternoon coffee date is good.

“It does not cost much, and if both sides feel there’s an attraction there, they can go on to a dinner date. However, if there are no sparks, they can leave by saying they need to be home for dinner,” she said.

Another female respondent said she could not believe where her date took her once.

“He took me to a columbarium,” she said. “The guy said we could visit a scenic place by the sea. It was just an excuse for him to go pay his respects to a deceased family elder,” she said.

“I told him goodbye,” she said.

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