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Restaurant rolls racy dice

By Yang Pei-hua  /  Staff reporter

In a midnight surprise inspection of a restaurant by the Keelung City Police Department on Thursday, the police said they caught three of the restaurant’s female staff playing strip-dice with a customer, with one woman already half-naked.

The half-naked woman, surnamed Lee (李), was asked to dress herself before the police conducted the investigation. Afterward, police said that Lee had a NT$100 bill in her shoe. They asked her to take off her shoes to inspect the money and look for any contraband.

The police said they found a small amount of ketamine on Lee and the other two women, surnamed Fang (方) and Chen (陳). Ketamine is a drug intended for anesthetic use, but which is also abused as a recreational drug.

However, when the police officer was helping her take off her shoe, Lee’s left calf fell off, giving the police officer a scare before he realized it was a prosthetic limb.

Lee said her left calf had been amputated because of a malignant tumor and she was working at the restaurant because she owed a lot of money in medical bills incurred while she was being treated for the tumor.

It was difficult to find a job after the amputation, but the medical bills had to be paid, Lee said.

According to the customer, the restaurant offered two-hour gaming sessions with the women, each one costing NT$2,000 (US$66). The female workers would play dice with the customers and if the workers lost, they took off one item of clothing. If the customer lost, he would tip the workers NT$100.

It was possible for the workers, if their luck was bad enough, to earn nothing even after stripping all their clothes, the customer said.

The police detained Chen, Lee, Fang and the owner of the restaurant, 50 year-old Wang Lien-pi (王連碧), on charges of violating the Illegal Ownership of Drugs Act (毒品罪) and crimes against public decency. Their case will be forwarded to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office.

Translated by Jake Chung, Staff Writer

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