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PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: PFP presidential candidate James Soong’s election platform


Cross-strait relations

■ The party that wins the election should immediately convene a conference with the official opposition to reach a consensus on the cross-strait issue.

■ The governing party must rebuild trust between the government and the people, and reconstruct a system of mutual trust between political parties to advance a “Taiwan consensus.” The consensus should not set a timetable nor have a predefined stance.

■ Prior to gaining an internal consensus, the cross-strait relationship should maintain the “status quo,” with the peaceful development of cross-strait relations as the highest guiding principle.

■ Leaders across the Taiwan Strait should have more active interaction and dialogue to establish normalized negotiation and dialogue mechanisms, and make the establishment of official offices across the Strait their goal in the next four years.

■ The PFP calls on China to respect Taiwan’s international social activities to improve Taiwan’s responsibility as a part of international society.

■ Soong sees the “rapid unification” or “rapid independence” proposed by political parties and political figures as impractical under the current international political and economic environment.

■ Promote the passage of a cross-strait peace advancement bill (海峽兩岸和平促進法) to establish a stable interactive mechanism across the Strait.

■ Continue with the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), but also lobby for free-trade agreements with other countries.

National security/foreign policy

■ In terms of a national security strategy, use national defense to safeguard economic development and use the country’s developed economy to support national defense.

■ As military strategy, use mobile and rapid response forces, and maintain strong asymmetric warfare capabilities.

■ Combine the practice of conscription and volunteer military service, with volunteer service as the main branch and conscription as backup, adjusted according to the will of the people.

■ Increase armaments and forces for the navy, air force and marines and enforce the construction of a capable missile system.

■ Aside from using self-made armaments, Taiwan needs to cautiously conduct necessary foreign arms purchases. However, all foreign arms purchases must follow the preset condition that all arms purchased would be used for the benefit of Taiwan.

■ Increase the official capacity of foreign offices and representative offices, and enforce those offices’ capabilities to meet the needs of Taiwanese traveling abroad.

■ Actively participate in sectarian organizations, international humanitarian organizations and NGOs.

■ Make sure of the aptitude, moral standards and loyalty of all foreign diplomats.

Government reform

■ The government should first resolve the five special municipalities, then, after a year or two, use the experience of special municipality mergers to process governmental structure reforms.

■ Instead of changing the overall governmental structure, first reform the attitudes of government officials, changing them from passive official units to facilities that actively offer their services.

■ The central and local governments’ self-governing and fiscal authorizations should be re-evaluated and fine-tuned. Increasing the authority of local governments would increase their capability to attract investments and promote local development, as well as decrease developmental differences between urban areas and the countryside, as well as the north and south of the country.

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