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NT$14,794, depending on the region. Staff Writer, with CNA


Tornado claims recognized

Insurance claims for property damage caused by tornadoes will be recognized, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co said yesterday, after a rare tornado-like funnel swirled though the streets of Sindian District (新店), New Taipei City (新北市), on Thursday afternoon, tipping over several vehicles. “Apart from claims for damage caused by man-made factors such as wars and nuclear disasters, we will also accept insurance claims for tornado damage,” Nan Shan Life spokeswoman Amanda Chou said. “It will be categorized as a natural disaster like a typhoon, so our clients who have accident or property insurance are eligible to file claims for any personal or property damage from tornados.” The Central Weather Bureau said the tornado, which lasted just a few minutes, could have been triggered by an active convection current accompanying a frontal system.


Peanut products destroyed

A brand of peanut products from Indonesia was found to contain a very high level of aflatoxin during a recent inspection, the Food and Drug Administration said yesterday. The level detected was 144.21 parts per billion (ppb), or nine times the legal limit of 15ppb, said Tsai Shu-chen (蔡淑貞), head of the agency’s food section. Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by certain types of mold and it can cause liver damage in humans. Tsai said it was the first time in six months that Indonesian peanuts had failed a border inspection. All the products in the shipment were destroyed, she said. The manufacturer’s products will face stricter inspections in the future, she said.


Minors to receive subsidies

Minors from low-income families will be eligible for full subsidization of their health insurance premiums starting in July 1, Ministry of the Interior officials said yesterday. About 150,000 minors are expected to benefit from the program, which will cost the government about NT$1 billion (US$34.72 million). An amendment to the Social Assistance Act (社會救助法) passed in February changed how the official poverty line is defined and who can access public assistance. The bulk of those newly eligible to receive aid — about 588,000 minors — will be from near-poor households, defined those in which the average income per member does not exceed 1.5 times the minimum cost of living. The minimum cost of living ranges from NT$10,244 to

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