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Momoko Tao’s Miaoli comments trigger backlash

By Chen Yin-tsung and Chen Hui-chen  /  Staff Reporters

Momoko Tao appears on her TV show University in July last year.

Photo: Hu Shun-hsiang, Taipei Times

TV host Momoko Tao (陶晶瑩) sparked a heated debate among Netizens with comments that Miaoli is “underdeveloped.”

In a recent episode of her show University (大學生了沒), Tao said she lived in Miaoli from when she was in kindergarten until she was in the second grade of elementary school. She said that on a recent visit back to the county, “it can be said to be really underdeveloped. Back then it had this one street that was considered the downtown ... about 30 years later it is still that same street [being considered as downtown.]”

“Old houses and old shops, nothing has changed. Even the high-speed railway does not pass by Miaoli,” she added.

Her comments ignited strong reactions from Netizens.

Some threw their support behind Tao’s remarks, saying that what she said was mostly the truth, while others accused her of looking down on residents of Miaoli.

Some posts left by Netizens indicated that some people apparently got quite worked up about Tao’s comment that even the high-speed railway does not pass by Miaoli.

In one post, a Netizen said that Tao’s Miaoli comment “makes me feel very uncomfortable.” Coming to Tao’s defense, another suggested that “she meant well and “it was just the way she said it that didn’t quite sound like it.”

When asked by reporters for response, Tao said she made her comments out of concern for Miaoli and she hopes the Miaoli County Government could undertake more development for the county.

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