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Police detain ‘mastermind’ of mob boss assassination

ON THE RUN The alleged driver of the killer’s getaway car, Chang Yu-hao, was released on insufficient evidence, and police believe the suspected gunman is still at large

By Rich Chang  /  STAFF REPORTER

Taichung judges yesterday ordered the detention of a gangster who is believed to have been the mastermind in the murder of gangster Weng Chi-nan (翁奇楠) late last month.

Yang Ding-jung (楊定融) was repatriated to Taiwan on Saturday following his arrest at China’s Xiamen Airport.

Taichung District Court Judge Chang Kuo-chung (張國忠) said that because the crime Yang was believed to have been involved in was severe and because he could conspire with other suspects or destroy evidence if he were free, the court chose to detain him.

In addition, with Liao Kuo-hao (廖國豪), the alleged gunman, still on the run, holding Yang in custody could help the investigation.

Chang Yu-hao (張育豪), another suspect who was arrested on Saturday, was released on bail, although prosecutors wanted him to remain in custody, Chang Kuo-chung said.

The evidence did not prove that Chang Yu-hao drove the gunman to the crime scene and drove him away afterward, the judge said.

Police claim that both Chang Yu-hao and Liao, 18, were gangsters under Yang and suspected Yang ordered the pair to carry out the murder.

Police believe Yang hired Liao to kill Weng on May 28 and that he left for Xiamen the same day.

Chang Kuo-chung said Yang denied any involvement in the murder.

Police said they were able to contact Yang’s family and Yang in Xiamen, urging Yang to return to Taiwan to report to police.

Taiwanese police officers seized Yang at Xiamen Airport, Taipei police said.

Taiwanese media have raised questions as to why Yang turned himself in, as he was suspected of being a middleman, with more senior gangsters behind the murder.

Police also denied reports that Liao died after the murder.

The murder shook the nation’s police system after it was discovered that four Taichung police officers were playing mahjong and drinking tea as the gunman walked into Weng’s office and shot him.

Police have since established that as many as 10 police officers had been in Weng’s office at one point, suggesting ties between Taichung police and gangsters.

Former Taichung police commissioner Hu Mu-yuan (胡木源) and several senior Taichung police officers were removed from their posts or disciplined over the scandal.

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