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New rules on exhaust pipes

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications said it would amend a clause of the Road Safety Traffic Rules (道路安全交通規則) to require that exhaust pipes on motorcycles point downwards. Chen Yen-po (陳彥伯), deputy director of the Ministry’s Department of Railways and Highways, said many people had complained about exposure to exhaust fumes when waiting behind motorcycles with modified exhaust pipes that point upwards. The measure could take effect by the end of September if the department finishes necessary procedures without further deliberation at the Legislative Yuan, he said. Police are also authorized to stop motorcyclists who violate the rule. Violators could be fined between NT$900 and NT$1,000.


Youths soft on crime: poll

About a quarter of the nation’s junior high school students tend to turn a blind eye to cheating or stealing by their peers, a study released yesterday said. The study, conducted by the non-profit Champions Education Association on 9,520 students at junior high schools across the country between August last year and March, showed that the majority of students knew it was wrong to cheat in exams or steal other people’s belongings. However, only 73 percent said they would take action if they caught classmates cheating during exams, while 25 percent said they would ignore the matter. A similar trend was also found when students were asked what they would do if their classmates stole something. The study showed that 16.2 percent of respondents would tolerate such behavior if a close friend stole something.


Chiu Yi cleared of slander

The Taiwan High Court on Tuesday ruled that Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Chiu Yi (邱毅) was not guilty of slander for calling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Kuan Pi-ling (管碧玲) an “ugly woman.” The court overturned a district court ruling and said Chiu was not guilty because it did not find that Chiu had damaged Kuan’s reputation by calling her “ugly,” adding that Chiu’s personal opinion about Kuan’s outer appearance was unrelated to Kuan’s merit or social status. On Nov. 18, 2005, Kuan and other legislators accused Chiu of making false allegations against other politicians. In response, Chiu said to Kuan, “You are an ugly woman, even by the kindest standards.” Kuan then filed a slander suit against Chiu. In August last year, the Taipei District Court sentenced Chiu to 25 days in jail, or a fine of NT$22,500.


Tropical storm approaches

Another storm is poised to strike Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday. Tropical storm Nangka, the Malaysian name for jackfruit, formed over the Philippines on Tuesday. The weather bureau said Nangka’s outer rim would affect Taiwan from tomorrow at the earliest. As of 8am yesterday, Nangka was located more than 1,000km south of Taiwan, moving in a westerly direction toward the South China Sea at a speed of 23kph, the bureau said. The storm system is expected to turn north toward Taiwan after it reaches the South China Sea area. Meanwhile, hot weather was expected to persist today, the bureau said, with temperatures reaching 33°C in eastern and southeastern parts of the country, 32°C in the north and south and 31°C in central Taiwan. Matsu Island and the western and northeastern parts of Taiwan proper were expected to experience occasional showers or thundershowers over the next several days, the bureau said.

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